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When Hayley’s not working in the hotel’s Living Space, she’s busy photo-documenting her travels for her 9,000 Instagram followers.

Scotland. France. Spain. Portugal. Italy. Croatia. Bosnia. Slovenia. Italy. Morocco. The UK. And Watergate Bay, pictured above, of course. Hayley and Kyle’s travel itinerary for the past 12 months has seen them visit some of Europe’s most scenic places.

We managed to catch them in one place long enough to ask Hayley about her love of photography and the next leg of their adventure.

Out of all the places in the world, what brought you to Watergate Bay?

Our Australian friends Naomi and Jared both worked at Watergate last summer and told us how much they loved it. We were travelling to Morocco with them at the time and thought it was the perfect opportunity to work and get to know a new place and friends. We don’t surf but we love the seaside and here reminds us so much of home.


What places will you remember most on your travels?

My standout places in Europe have to be the Portuguese Algarve, Calanques National Park in the South of France, all of Croatia including Dubrovnik and Plitvice National Park, and the Dolomites in Italy, especially Lake Braies (pictured above).

In this country, we have loved experiencing the different landscapes of the Scottish Highlands in summer and winter. The Isle of Skye & Glencoe were also incredible. In the South West, we caught the Jurassic coast (Devon to Dorset) on a perfect afternoon where the sun gave everything a yellow glow – amazing conditions for photographs. But my favourite city in England is most definitely York. It is so picturesque and quaint. I felt like I was in a Harry Potter movie walking through The Shambles!

…and in Cornwall?

So far Kynance Cove, Land’s End, St Nectan’s Glen and Bedruthan Steps have all been spectacular. The weather was wild when we visited Kynance Cove but I’m sure it would look beautiful in a completely different way if we pick a calmer day

Watergate Bay Vs the Gold Coast.

The Gold Coast wins in terms of the weather and year-round summer lifestyle. Going out for breakfast is a bigger event than lunch back home. That’s one thing I’m missing – an early morning swim in the ocean and a healthy breakfast out following. On the other hand, Cornwall offers a much more dramatic coastline that meets lush green farmland. Here you can visit a beach and not be surrounded by cafes or shops. Gold Coast beaches are lined with people’s homes and shops, which can be a downfall. Much more crowded.

How did you get into photography?

I remember shaking with utter excitement when my grandparents bought me my very first and very basic digital camera age 12. On my eighteenth birthday, I got my first DSLR and I haven’t put it down since. I’m self-taught, reading lots of books, watching YouTube videos and practising almost every day.

For me, capturing people and landscapes together is key. Having a person in shot puts it all into perspective and tells a much greater story.

Currently, I am using a Canon 5D MK iii, and switch between a 24-70mm 2.8 Lens & a 50mm 1.8 Lens. My phone doesn’t take the best photos so I rarely use it – and because I’m fussy with image quality. All of my travel photos on my blog and Instagram have been taken from my camera.

What’s next on the adventure?

Hiking and wild camping in the van in Norway. I’ve been dying to visit Norway’s unbelievable landscape for years now and cannot begin to imagine the kind of photos I’ll be able to capture there and the stories to come home with. After Norway we plan to drive through Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Austria and Switzerland.

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