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Founder of London Girls Surf Club, Kylie Griffiths visited us with her husband during her pregnancy before giving birth to baby Harley. Find out what made Watergate Bay Hotel the perfect babymoon break.



Babymoons and adventure breaks were not something I thought was possible to combine until I fell pregnant. Being a lover of all things active it was a bit of a shocker to find that as how my pregnancy progressed I lost the ability to do some of the things I loved, like surfing. As the months went by even simple things such as even walk up a hill became more of a challenge.

A babymoon had never occurred to me as something appealing and to be honest not something I had even heard of, so when a friend suggested I getaway to stop feeling disappointed about the lack of swell in my life, we decided to mix it up and go somewhere with a touch of adventure.

Watergate Bay Hotel seemed like the perfect choice, the ideal hotel for a break where luxury meets activity. You can spend the afternoon riding waves with the Extreme Academy and then sit in the sauna or the hot tub and wind down watching the waves roll in. This was ideal in my elephant like state, as although I couldn’t get in the sea myself and have a surf like usual, I could swim laps of the pool whilst gazing out at the surf and watching my partner shred some waves. I have to say I was slightly jealous!

The interior of the hotel is as if The Ace (one of my all time favourite hotels) had mated with the perfect surf shack and then Watergate was born. We escaped for a two night break earlier this year before our baby girl Harley arrived like a wrecking ball on our already hectic life. It was a much needed break away before the sleepless nights.

Neither myself or husband are particularly good at winding down, but what Watergate offers is unique. You can truly balance adrenaline with relaxing which in my experience is a rare find. Most communal areas in the hotel offer up a view over the Bay which I loved, so whilst having a drink in the evening, or eating lunch in the day you are always watching the sea, if you want to, and the many activities it offers. Even the bath has a view! We were treated to a room with a roll top bath and there’s nothing quite like reclining in the tub, with a book whilst being able to have a view like a Cornish beach.

ocean-room-swim-club.jpg (1)

We started our trip with lunch at The Living Space the weather was against us but we still enjoyed the amazing views from the terrace. I tend to find myself getting fidgety if I try to relax, I’m a total workaholic so have never suited lying by a pool or tanning for hours, so relaxing isn’t my middle name. However at Watergate this feeling evaporated and I don’t think I even checked my phone once (well maybe once but not more than that I promise!). In the evenings we headed down to Swim Club, which is like a luxury lounge, with the best selection of board games.

Whilst my partner sipped beer and I lugged hot chocolate, we had various aggressive rounds of drafts and chess, whilst watching the sun set behind the rolling waves. In the afternoons we made the most of the incredible location and went for some slow strolls across the Bay and explored the surrounding area, then stumbled back into the room for an afternoon nap.

All in all in Watergate Bay is a pretty unique place and a true gem of a hotel, if you’re looking for somewhere where you can lose yourself with activity in the day, and then wind down in the evening in a beautiful surrounding then this is the place for you.