Mark ‘Egor’ Harris

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Mark Harris, a.k.a Egor was born and raised in Newquay. With the beaches as his backyard he was destined to become a true surfing gent.

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What are you up to at the moment?

I am currently at home in Newquay, keeping busy! I’ve been getting in the sea a fair bit over Christmas and the New Year, I was actually out back for an early surf at first light on New Year's day as the waves were pumping! Huge Atlantic swell after huge swell non-stop, but lots of wind and rain accompanying the swell. I’ve been doing a bit of fitness as well and my two-year-old boy keeps me busy also.

What’s the Mark ‘Egor’ Harris story?
With regards to surfing I had a couple of years stepping back from competing and ventured on exploration trips, finding world class empty waves in remote parts of the UK which was incredible! This led onto filming the ‘Endless Winter’ documentary, about the history of surfing in Britain and exploration .

Last year I got back into competing and felt the hunger! I had a good start to the year placing third at the English Nationals at Watergate Bay and eighth overall at seasons end of the UK Pro tour. This year I’m looking forward to going for some titles, starting, again, with the English Nationals at Watergate in May.

Where is the best place you’ve ever surfed?
I would have to say the best times I have experienced surfing were during my exploration trips where I ventured around the Orkney Islands off Scotland. We found waves as good as any where in the world with no one around for miles, such a buzz! Also the Mentawai Islands in Indonesia were postcard perfection, a surfers’ dream. But right up there was my first trip to Sunset Beach, Hawaii. I went to prove to myself I could surf all the iconic big wave surf spots I had stared at in surf magazines growing up; it was a massive learning curve.

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What’s your greatest surfing achievement to date?
Surfing wise, representing my country several times at the World surfing games in junior and mens division. Winning the British title in great conditions at my local, Fistral beach, in front of my family and friends was also amazing. I’m also proud of the commitment to exploring and finding new waves myself and a few friends have done the past few years. It showed how much potential there is on our shores.

But being a father to an extremely happy two year old who is thriving in the world feels great.

What’s next for you?
This year I’m aspiring to win the English Nationals in May at Watergate, that would be a great start to the year. And afterwards win the UK Pro Tour for the second time.

Also I have some trips planned to travel to uncharted surf territory in the UK and find some world class waves to document. I’m hoping it will inspire people to get out and explore our beautiful coastline in Britain wherever they are.

If you weren’t surfing what would you be doing?
Growing up in Newquay it’s hard to imagine not surfing or doing some activity to enjoy our beautiful coastline. I have a couple of friends from school who are now great musicians, and learning how to play an instrument is something I want to make time for. I did love rugby at school and had a good side step, but I’m not sure how far my sparrow legs could have taken me in the game!

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