Mark, Harry and Josh

HarryJosh and Mark are three local guys who all have a passion for watersports, Harry and Josh are sponsored by the Extreme Academy and Mark is sponsored by GUL. Be it surfing or kitesurfing you’ll regularly find these three in the ocean.

We caught up with them to see where they’ve been and what they’ve been up to over summer.


My summer has mainly consisted of mixing work and pleasure as I worked for the RNLI as a lifeguard keeping an eye on the beaches of Cornwall. I actually spent some time guarding at Watergate Bay. It was a great summer; I was very busy but also got to enjoy the beautiful weather and train for the last events of the British surfing tour this autumn.

I’m now looking forward to greeting the autumn swell and competing in some big wave competitions.



I have spent the majority of summer in France, arriving in Hossegor in the middle of June. We were greeted by some fun waves and warm weather. Whilst training for my first competition in Portugal I had a great time with my family enjoying the French way of life.

After I competed in Portugal, the Atlantic and most of the European seas were pretty flat. But that gave me the chance to skate and make the most of relaxing on the beach. One of the highlights of my summer was making a 100m long slip and slide on the beach!

Towards the end of summer the swell increased and we have had some amazing waves, I’d surf for a good 8 hours each day! Looking forward to next summer already.



Over the summer the wind significantly dropped so I didn’t get to spend as much time in the water kitesurfing. However, at Watergate Bay we had some great surf breaks so I took the opportunity to get stuck into surfing and polish up my skills.

We also had some periods at Watergate when the wind dropped completely and the waves were almost non-existent; the perfect conditions for SUP. At the Extreme Academy, we taught as much SUP as possible, taking groups all the way to the north end of the beach and back.

Now that autumn has well and truly set in and the wind is picking up, I’m keen to get back into kitesurfing, especially strapless kitesurfing.


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