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If you’ve ever eaten at The Beach Hut chances are you’ve met Jemma, one of our waitresses. Having worked here for three years she is a familiar face that customers always remember.

We recently caught up with her to find out a bit about her role.

Jemma The Beach Hut

Meet Jemma.

How long have you worked at The Beach Hut?
I’ve been here for three years now, it’s gone so fast!

What does your role involve?
Making sure the restaurant looks it’s best. Meeting and greeting customers. Taking orders. Making sure customers are happy. And generally ensuring the restaurants run smoothly.

What is a normal day like for you?
As a waitress each day is completely different. We always have new people in the restaurant and new dishes on the menu. But some things stay the same. I always meet and greet customers, show them to their table and talk them through the menu and specials board. I love getting to know the people who eat at The Beach Hut so I take time to ask a bit about them; what they’ve been up to and if they have visited Watergate Bay before.

At times, during the height of summer for instance, the restaurant can serve over 300 people a day, so I can be really busy! But I enjoy those kinds of days, they flash by in a blur of chatter and good food.

The Beach Hut Watergate Bay

If you were going to eat at The Beach Hut what would you have?
I love the food here, it’s simple but delicious.

To start I’d go for the calamari with lime and chili. For my main course it’d have to be the fish n’ chips! And for dessert I’d pick the chocolate brownies, no the creme brulee…actually the raspberry sundae is really good. Oh I don’t know, one of each.

The Beach Hut Calamari

What’s your favourite part of your job?
Interacting with the customers. I love getting to know them and ensuring they enjoy their time at The Beach Hut; no matter who it is I can find something to talk to them about.

But I especially enjoy it when returning customers come back and remember me. At The Beach Hut our customers are like an extended family and sometimes it feels like one big reunion.

The Beach Hut Team

(The Beach Hut team)

Can you describe The Beach Hut in one sentence?
High quality food with a laid back, but professional service.

Can you sum up your job in three words?

When you’re not at work where can we find you?
I’ve been saving up for a month’s trip to Thailand in November. So when that rolls round you’ll find me travelling the country from North to South.

Can you tell us a random fact about you?
I’m a qualified barber and piercist.

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