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When you arrive at Watergate Bay you’ll be greeted by the friendly faces of our front of house teams, from the receptionists to our restaurant waiting staff. But behind the scenes at Watergate Bay Hotel is a small dedicated team making sure everything is in working order ready for your arrival; the maintenance team.

Heading up the maintenance team is Matt. We caught up with him to find out a bit about his job.


Meet Matt.

How long have you worked at Watergate Bay Hotel?

I’ve been here for nearly three years. When I first joined Watergate I was part of the waste team; disposing of hotel waste and making sure the hotel and beach were litter free. After nine months in that position I joined the maintenance team and am now maintenance manager.

What’s a normal day at work like for you?

Busy. I usually have an early start as I have to check the pool each morning before guests use it. I make sure it’s clean and test the chemicals and temperature and give the Swim Club team the OK to open. Then I’ll check the job list for the day, it’s always changing and being added to by all the departments around the hotel so I’ll keep an eye on it throughout the day, and once jobs are delegated to members of the team I’ll make sure everything gets done quickly and to the best of our ability.

What kind of things get added to the maintenance job list?

Anything and everything. From changing a light bulb to unblocking toilets to running and upkeep of the pool.

Before you joined Watergate Bay what were you doing?

Before I came to the bay I was a ran my own fencing and decking business in Devon.

What’s your favourite part of your job?

The location and being able to surf before and after work. I also work with a great team of guys, whilst we work hard we all get on well and have a lot of fun.

How many people are in the maintenance team.

Eight, including me. There are four in maintenance, two in waste and one painter.

Can you sum up your role in three words?


Everyone needs some downtime, so when you’re not at work where could we find you?

Surfing! At any of the local beaches but Lusty Glaze and Watergate Bay in particular.

And finally, how many maintenance guys does it take to change a light bulb?



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