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If you’ve got kids, chances are you will have met kids’ manager, part-time pirate and overall holiday saviour Tammy. We pulled her off the climbing frame for a quick chat.

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Part of Watergate Bay Hotel’s appeal is the fact that families of all ages can come, chill out (or get adventurous – whatever’s your thing) and have a good time – so much so that we find different generations of the same family returning year after year. And they all have our kids’ zone staff to thank. Tammy heads’ up the team:

Tell us about your role…

Our main role is making sure that each and every child has a wonderful stay filled with fun and adventurous activities. We are constantly researching and planning things to do that we hope are unique to the Bay. We have 16 members of staff in our team who cover toddler sessions, 3-7 years, XA Club, babysitting and family entertainment. We’re always on the go, and that’s just how we like it.

Why Watergate Bay?

Forrest Schools Education (FSE) which promotes outdoor play and learning has always appealed to me. Watergate Bay takes elements of this and combines it within an OFSTED registered setting. We follow a set curriculum, but children can also dig in the sand on the beach – it’s the best of both worlds.

What’s a normal day like for you?

Building relationships with children and their parents has led to some strong bonds with returning children, which makes their time with us even more special. We also love that we can settle those down who have either never been left before – so that their parents can enjoy a few hours of adult time – or have never wanted to go to a kids’ club before.

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What’s the most memorable thing that’s happened to you while working at Watergate Bay?

This has to be an unexpected visit from OFSTED in the run up to Christmas last year – one of our busiest times of the year. I had just returned from holiday that day, but nevertheless we scored the highest possible score – proof that we’re doing a great job. My second in command Sarah and the whole team work so hard – we couldn’t have achieved this if we weren’t all working together.

Can you sum up your role in one sentence?

High quality childcare with staff that are committed to ensuring that children have a great experience.

And in three words…

Imaginative. Memories. Messy!

When you’re not at work where would we find you?

Having a lie in! Once I’m up, I enjoy getting crafty. Upcycling of furniture, creating wedding invites, favours and table decorations. I’m also a massive fan of Pinterest to keep me inspired with arts and crafts and kid’s activities.

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