Meet the team – Aline

With more than six years under her belt at Watergate Bay Hotel, Brazilian Aline is one of our most experienced reservationists. This year, she has also been teaching English to other colleagues that make up our strong international team through free lessons at the hotel. We find out more…

Meet the team - Aline

Starting out in the food and beverage team before moving to reservations, Aline has now been working at the hotel for more than six years. Originally from Brazil, she has lived in the UK for just over seven years with Watergate Bay being her first job. She’s stayed ever since – although she remains strong to her Brazilian roots.

Watergate Bay Hotel has a strong team of staff members from other countries and Aline is also teaching English to other colleagues in free lessons at the hotel. We find out more…

What brought you to Watergate Bay?

A friend at Watergate Bay Hotel recommended that I apply for a job. She loved working here and I moved to the UK with my husband soon after. From the F&B team I soon progressed to a supervisor in The Living Space. The language wasn’t a problem as I had previously worked as an English teacher in Brazil. The opportunity was great. When I got the chance to work in the reservations team, I jumped at it and have been here ever since.

Explain your role, in a nutshell.

How big is your nut? Our team of four in reservations take bookings for the hotel, The Beach Hut, Zacry’s and process gift vouchers, all online and through the telephone. We’re open every day from 9am-7pm every day of the year with the exception of Christmas Day.

What skills to you require in your role?

Most importantly you need excellent customer service skills – good manners, being polite, speaking clearly – and strong organisational skills. These are a given, but I have to say we all receive really comprehensive training before we start as the software is specific to each different part of the hotel. A smile and sense of humour also helps.

We hear it’s not the only thing you do at Watergate Bay…

I’m also providing ESL lessons (English as a second language) to other foreign colleagues in the hotel. For a few, English can even be their third language. I currently have five students but it varies as the class is free and open to everyone. As English isn’t my first language, it motivates my students as they see it is possible to learn. I’ve had my core class for eight months and we are starting to see some very positive results!

How did this come about?

I finished my TESOL course (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and was quickly approached by our HR manager about the idea. I was really pleased – it’s great to use my experience and skills to teach something that I’m passionate about, and be useful to the company in more ways than one. I find it easy to manage both of my roles as I have plenty of time to prepare my lessons in my three days off. It also feels quite natural to teach, so it doesn’t feel like an obligation.

Staff English lessons at Watergate Bay Hotel

What’s the best thing about Watergate Bay?

The location and friendly environment is unique to Watergate Bay. It’s like a second family and a real home away from home. I live a 30-minutes walk away from the hotel so I walk home most days with a stunning view along the coastal path. And, there’s always something going on at the Bay. It’s perfect.

When you’re not at work, where would we find you?

On the beach with friends and family, but the weather has to be spot on for the Brazilian lady I am! Otherwise, I’ll be at home enjoying a glass of wine with my husband, cooking , reading, chilling…

Watergate Bay vs your home beach…

They are both amazing places, but so different! The view and cliffs here are spectacular. In Brazil the landscape and climate are opposite. My favourite childhood beach at home is Uba Tuba in Sao Paulo State. You should check it out – no words can describe it.

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