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Food and drink are really important to us. North Cornwall is becoming a real foodie destination and being so close to Padstow and some of the best restaurants in the country, we want to be part of the food revolution that is currently happening in Cornwall. At Watergate Bay, we have three very different restaurants each of which has it’s own style, flavours and atmosphere, and not forgetting Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Cornwall right next door.

The Living Space is one of the restaurants actually within the hotel, and acts as a resident lounge as well as a public area for non-residents. It’s a relaxing space where you can take time to unwind overlooking the ocean.

Heading up the team in The Living Space is Beth. As Living Space Manager her role is diverse to say the least.


We recently caught up with Beth to ask her a little about her day to day life at Watergate.

How long have you worked at Watergate Bay Hotel?

I’m coming up for four years in the bay and those four years have all been spent in The Living Space. Having started off as a waitress I’ve progressed through the company to where I am today, Living Space Manager.

Before you joined the team at Watergate Bay what were you doing?

Before I joined Watergate I was working in Northamptonshire, where I’m from, at a wedding and conference venue as the Food and Beverage Assistant. It was a big change moving to Cornwall but I love it here.

What’s a normal day at work like for you?

Everyone must say this, but each day is completely different. I have routine tasks like cashing up, preparing the restaurant and administration but I also support the team to ensure they know what they are doing at all times, I make sure guests are enjoying their time in The Living Space and one of my favourite jobs, coming up with the cocktail list.

Frequently I run training sessions for the team, which is now pushing 20 strong, and take them through till training, to table preparations, to how to make a mojito.


A lot of events are held in The Living Space, how does that impact your role?

Events are great, I really enjoy working on them, especially weddings. I work closely with our Events Manager, Virginia, when weddings are held. I take care of everything after the hand over, where the bride and groom give me their music, table and room decorations and cake. I make sure the events space is set up correctly and the bridal party are happy with it.

Guests get married in the Events Space and have their wedding breakfast in Zacry’s. Whilst they are eating my team and I spring into action to transform the Events Space for their evening celebrations, which usually involves a disco.

What’s the best part of your job?

Working with people. I really enjoy working with The Living Space team and interacting with hotel guests. It’s especially fulfilling when guests return and they remember me or give The Living Space a great review.

What’s your favourite dish on The Living Space menu?

Oh that’s tough. It depends what mood I’m in, the whole menu is delicious. I guess it’d have to the the Bang Bang Chicken though. It’s really filling, full of flavour but still light. I’d enjoy that with a glass of Veuve looking over the ocean.

(Bang Bang Chicken from The Living Space)

(Bang Bang Chicken from The Living Space)

Can you remember your first day at Watergate Bay?

It was the 21st June 2010 and I was extremely nervous. I only worked a short shift but I was racked with nerves, I just wanted to make sure I got everything right. Since then I’ve learnt all I know about food and drink from working here.

What three words would  best describe your job?


Can you sum up The Living Space in one sentence?

A relaxed restaurant and bar with the best view of Watergate Bay.

And finally, when you’re not at work, where would we find you?

Socialising with friends; I love going out to new restaurants in Cornwall and trying different cuisines. With so many new restaurants opening in the county all the time it’s a busy past time testing them all.

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