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Hannah moved to Cornwall for the boyfriend, the beach and adventures in their campervan. Now she lives just around the corner from Watergate Bay and has progressed to becoming a supervisor at The Living Space. She’s practically living the dream!

What drew you to Watergate Bay?

My boyfriend and I used to come to Watergate Bay for date nights and were having dinner at Zacry’s when I heard they were recruiting. I applied straight away when I got home and I was here a couple of weeks later.

How have you progressed in the company?

Zacry’s had just opened when I joined in March last year, but with my past waiting experience I quickly got promoted to supervisor. I then got the opportunity to transfer to The Living Space where I’m now in charge of running events including weddings. It’s been an intense year and I am glad I had a chance to progress within such a unique hotel.

What differences are there between Zacry’s and The Living Space?

They’re both great places to work in, but different too. Zacry’s night time atmosphere is special while the food is unique. The restaurant mostly takes booking which can make it easier to run; we know what to expect even though every service is different. The Living Space switches between being laid-back and buzzing, sometimes several times in one day. It requires organisation but it’s great, the time flies!

How does your role as supervisor differ to that of a waiting role?

As a supervisor, I still have to deal with customers but it mainly includes managing and organising the team. You need to be ready for and when it is going to be busy before it does and be able to spin many plates at one time. But that’s mainly why it’s exciting to work in The Living Space.

What is a normal day like for a supervisor?

No day is the same, but the procedure is settled and service goes well. Anything can happen depending on different factors. Rain? It’ll be hot chocolates and coffees in The Living Space. Sun? It’ll be lunch here or at The Beach Hut. Zacry’s is dinner only but there’ll always be something to spice up the shift!

A lot of events are held in The Living Space, how does that impact your role?

Meetings, weddings, Polo on the Beach, the list is long! They’re all great opportunities to get involved with hotel life. These are busy events to run – alongside our normal shifts – but there’s always a good atmosphere. As a supervisor I have to make sure everybody is briefed and operational, as well being attentive in looking for all the little details which make everybody’s lives easier on the day. I love it.

What’s your favourite dish on The Living Space menu?

Tricky, but I would probably go for the divine classic LS burger. But I am also glad the lobster is back on the special’s board – half-grilled with garlic and parsley butter, salad and fries. Yum!

When you’re not at work, where will we find you?

On Porth Beach with friends and family, or with my boyfriend road tripping in our camper van. Cornwall is amazing.

What’s the most memorable thing that’s happened to you while working here?

Several weddings, but I particularly remember the bride that hugged me at the end of the day. She was genuinely happy and relieved as everything went exactly as she was expecting. I feel proud to be able to make someone’s special day just as they want it to be.

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