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If there is one thing people remember from visiting The Beach Hut its Laura, our general manager. Excited to welcome you into the restaurant and ensure your time there is brilliant, it’s fair to say she is a passionate host with a wealth of knowledge.


As a self-taught sommelier, Laura has designed the wine list which you see in The Beach Hut, often uncovering new brands of wine that customers are eager to taste.

We recently caught up with Laura, take a read.

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How long have you been working at The Beach Hut?
I’ve been here a total of three years having started as general manager way back in 2011.

What were you doing before you joined us at The Beach Hut? Have you always worked in restaurants?
I’ve always worked in hospitality as my family have owned inns and B&B’s since I was young. Before I came to The Beach Hut I was working at River Cottage in Axminster as deputy general manager. It was the call of the sea that brought me back to Cornwall and I’m so glad it did, I love it here!

What is it you like so much about working at The Beach Hut?
It’s the people. Everyday familiar and new faces come into The Beach Hut and I get to meet them all, it’s great, we’re even on first name terms with some of the regulars. And not only the guests but the staff too. I have a great team of people working alongside me, many of whom have been at The Beach Hut for as long, if not longer, than me. It’s part of what makes The Beach Hut unique, what makes us a family.

I also love that we are dog friendly; I work for a dog charity and have three dogs of my own. It’s great to have somewhere dogs are as welcome as the people.

Can you remember your first day at The Beach Hut?
Yes. It is unforgettable. It was July 1st on a hot summer’s day and the place was madness! The rest was a mad blur of sweet potato fries and mussels.

What’s your favourite dish on the menu?
Easy, it has to be the lamb kofta with grilled flat bread, yoghurt and harissa.

Why would you recommend someone go to The Beach Hut?
I could go on for ages so I’ll just rattle off a few things that come into my head…ready?
Great coffee
Great view
Dog friendly
Passionate service
Any wine by the glass

Can you sum up The Beach Hut in one sentence?
A bottle of ketchup and great conversation.

Thanks Laura

P.S Richard, if you’re reading this Laura found a bottle of Rolling Shiraz in the cellar. It’s got your name on it.

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