Moroccan magic – guest blog by Harry Timson

A 2,000km road trip. Three Jeeps. One shower. What happened when our Extreme Academy sponsored surfer prowled Morocco in search of perfect waves. Guest blog by Harry Timson.

Our Extreme Academy team were super excited when Reef Europe released this #justpassingthrough video featuring sponsored rider and Watergate Bay local Harry Timson. Armed with a couple of tents, three Jeeps and a 2,000km stretch of Moroccan coastline between Sufi and Taghazout, we asked Harry to tell us more:

“It began in Casablanca. Along with fellow Reef riders Mario Azurza (Spain), Arthur Bourbon and Vincent Duvignac (France) and Roberto D’Amico (Italy) we were all buzzing to surf and start our road trip up and down the Moroccan coast. Behind the wheel of three brand new Jeeps we drove off into the night.

Harry Timson in Morocco

“Just as the sun was coming up we shot down dirt tracks and across beaches to arrive at one of the most pristine point breaks I have ever seen. In front of us, the waves were peeling for more than 500m – which Morocco is very well known for. The wave was incredible. Having grown up surfing a lot of unpredictable beach breaks where, on a good day, you may only get a 50m ride, this was like a machine, breaking in the same spot every time and not a drop of water out of place.

Harry Timson

“We surfed all day. It sounds stereotypical, but at the end of the day we set up our tents, the sun went down, and we sat around a small fire. We knew after one day in Morocco that this was going to be a trip to remember forever.

Harry Timson in Morocco, credit

“The next day we carried on driving down the coast and surfed a couple more well-known spots around Tagazout where we also scored incredible waves. Finding unknown beaches and setting up camp there really felt like we were alone in a desert. I had been to Morocco several times before this trip, but nothing compares to waking up unzipping your tent and seeing what every surfer dreams of. And a couple of camels too!

Harry Timson in Morocco credit Arthur Bourbon
©Arthur Bourbon

“After a week of scoring waves I couldn’t ever imagine getting so consistently, we did our whole road trip in reverse – stopping and camping in the same places, surfing the same spots, seeing the same goat farmers trying to round up 100s of goats who were hiding in trees. We knew something special was was coming to an end.

“Before we left, Jeep and Reef organised a party in Marrakech. We stayed in a nice hotel, all had showers for the first time (yes surfers do shower, not often but we do), and sat and laughed and spoke about the amazing time we just had #justpassingthrough Morocco.

“It was one of the best trips of my life and I would seriously recommend road tripping through Morocco to any surfer out there.

Harry Timson is sponsored by the Extreme Academy – watersport tuition and hire based on the slipway to the beach at Watergate Bay.

2 thoughts on “Moroccan magic – guest blog by Harry Timson

    1. sarah Post author

      Hi Bennie,

      The team loves Morocco and have been many times. Our instructor Nick from the Extreme Academy highly recommends African Spirit ( situated between Rabat and Casablanca. Although more of a ‘surf lodge’ than a hotel they specialise in family friendly surfing holidays. It’s a lot quieter than other popular surfing locations in the south such as Taghazout plus you are a short train ride away from Rabat, Casablanca and Marrakesh if you’d like a cultural excursion.

      We hope this helps!


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