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Overlooking the sea, in the warmth of Swim Club. We don’t think there’s any place we’d rather curl up with a book than in our Ocean Room. Thanks to Ultimate Library, our guests are able to browse the bespoke, carefully curated library for the titles that best fit the hotel and it’s location.

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Ultimate Library

Founded in 2007, Ultimate Library have made it their mission to improve hotel book collections, with carefully selected booklists that perfectly match the location, whether it’s a huge resort or a small boutique hotel. They believe in book collections to educate, entertain and inspire that add warmth and soul to rooms.

With views that stretch out over the bay and coffee and pastries readily available at our cafe bar (or if you rather – cocktails and wine), The Ocean Room, in the heart of Swim Club, is the ultimate place to unwind by the fireplace with a good read.

This perfectly complements our active relaxation ethos. After a hard day surfing and getting out in the elements, guests are able to come back to the ocean room and read about other adventures whilst taking a short break from their own. Guests are also free to bring any of our books back to their rooms for nighttime reading


Coast and Surf

For Watergate Bay, the coast and surf were a huge influence on the books that have been selected; as well as our love of good food and local culture. With many titles from Cornish authors and fictional stories set in Cornwall, our collection perfectly fits the atmosphere of the Bay.

In the library, children will find plenty of books available for them, from authors such as David Walliams, Michael Morpurgo and Roald Dahl. Little ones and not-quite-so-little ones alike will be able to find something to sink into our sofas with, after a day in the Kids’ Zone or with the Extreme Academy.

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Our Top five reads

The Little Book of Cornwall By John Van Der Kiste
A small travel companion with an array of facts on Cornwall’s towns, countryside, history, natural history, people and achievements.

The Secret Life of Sleep By Kat Duff
A comprehensive exploration of sleep from history to science making for captivating reading.

A Brief History of Surfing By Matt Warshaw
Lots of short essays that talk about the history of surfing, which is both funny and thrilling.

Swim: Why We Love the Water By Lynn Sherr
A reference title that explores the sport from biological and literary points. She is a swimming enthusiast who will convert you too.

Under a Mackerel Sky By Rick Stein
A foray into a celebrated chef, Rick Stein’s childhood in North Cornwall in the 1950s. A classic no doubt.

Do you like the idea of curling up with a book in Swim Club? Find out more about our ‘Taste of the Bay’ three night break here.