On board with The Wave Project

Ever donned a wetsuit from the Extreme Academy for a surf? Chances are, it’s now benefiting a young person near you via an award-winning community surf project.


Surfing is good for you; fact. Backed by a local NHS Trust in Cornwall, The Wave Project began in 2010 as a pilot scheme to examine surfing’s emotional impact on young people.

The results found that surfing once a week can reap a wide range of psychological benefits, including boosting self-confidence, improving outlook, reducing anxiety, developing a sense of pride, and helping you to overcome other challenges. All in addition to being extremely good fun.

Since then, The Wave Project has developed an initiative that uses local surfers to improve the emotional wellbeing of young people. Projects have been set up around the UK including Wales, Scotland and even inner-city London.


With this mind, the Extreme Academy was more than happy to donate 65 ex-hire wetsuits to the not-for-profit organisation. Our Extreme Academy surf instructor, Nick, handed over the wetsuits to The Wave Project’s West Cornwall Coordinator, Katy Spencer (pictured).

For more information, visit www.waveproject.co.uk or follow @WaveProject and #ShareTheStoke

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