One turkey… six dinners!


It’s almost time for the big day and the even bigger Christmas lunch. However you choose to cook your turkey on Christmas Day you can make it last for a long time…or at least the whole week.

One turkey, six dinners!

Just turkey
Make some flavoured butter with your favourite herbs; rosemary and sage work well with turkey. Rub the butter under the skin of the turkey breast before roasting to ensure your meat is really moist. Serve on a platter of sausages wrapped in bacon and roast potatoes.

Coronation turkey
Mix the turkey with some mayo, mild curry powder and pile on top of a jacket potato. Perfect for Boxing Day!

Turkey curry
Make a curry with all the left over bits like the leg meat which people don’t want in a sandwich. Leg is the tastiest meat because it gets all the flavours from the bone. Add some sultanas for some sweetness.

Turkey club
Get a big door step of fresh bread, toasted if you prefer and fill with lashings of turkey, left over brie and cranberry sauce, maybe some rocket and certainly some bacon, delicious!

Turkey salad
Create a salad with all those Christmas leftovers in your fridge. Add some pomegranate seeds and caramelised walnuts for some real Christmas sparkle.

Turkey soup
Perfect for cold winter days and can be frozen. Add some barley to make it a little heartier and serve with lots of buttery bread.



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