Origin winter coffee

Seasonal changes are afoot at our speciality coffee suppliers, Origin Coffee Roasters. Here Tom Sobey, the founder of Origin, talks about their new crop of coffees and their grower relationships.


“Autumn is an exciting time at Origin. Alongside traceability and sustainability, seasonality is at the core of our positioning and November sees us switch from our Summer/Autumn to Winter/Spring blends, reflecting the growing seasons of the countries we source from.


Central to our winter offering are our Seasonal Collection espresso and Single Origin coffees, with incredible Brazilian crops leading the way. This year the Seasonal Collection boasts a rich and beautifully rounded cup thanks to the perfectly balanced blend of 50% Fazenda Mariano (Pulped Natural), 25% Fazenda Das Almas (Pulped Natural) and 25% Fazenda Das Almas (Natural). These Brazilian coffees, with a combination of processing methods, blend to offer notes of dark, ripe fruit, chocolate and hazelnut – the perfect cup for this time of year. This coffee is served in The Beach Hut, Zacry’s and The Living Space.


The Single Origin coffee on offer at Watergate Bay is the hero of the Seasonal Collection, Fazenda Mariano (Pulped Natural). It’s a rich and rounded cup with toffee sweetness and notes of praline and candied orange. You may be familiar with the farm from previous years due to our long-standing relationships with the owner Ricardo Barbosa. This coffee is served in Zacry’s and The Living Space.


The Fazenda  Mariano farm is located high above the spa town of Poços de Caldas in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Four years ago when we first met Ricardo he was selling his crop at commodity prices. Our Head of Coffee cupped it and knew he’d come across a real find. So much so that he offered Ricardo double the price as it deserved to be sold as a speciality coffee. Ricardo now sells the vast majority of his crop to speciality roasters, finally receiving the price he should for a crop which has been grown and processed with such impeccable craftsmanship. This is why we’re so proud to source our coffees directly from growers, ensuring both social and environmental sustainability.



For this Pulped Natural coffee the fruit is de-pulped using water from a spring on the farm, which is then filtered and reused. However, some mucilage (sugary substance) is left on the coffee bean for drying. It’s the remaining mucilage that gives this cup its sweetness.

We hope you enjoy these two coffees as much as we do.”

Guest blog by Grace Reith, Marketing Manager at Origin Coffee Roasters


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