Fermented plums and roasted pork belly recipe

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This winter warming dish is perfect for entertaining guests and surprisingly simple to make.


Serves four to six people

1kg of ripe plums
250g castor sugar
200ml cyder apple vinegar
200ml water
Pinch Salt
1 star anise
5g mustard seeds

Pork Belly
1.5/ 2kg pork belly
3 carrots
2 onions
1 bottle of white wine
20g rice flour


Halve and de-stone the plums.
Place all the other ingredients into a pan and bring to a boil
Add the plums and simmer until the fruit are soft but not breaking up.
Pour out onto a tray to allow them to cool.

Take the pork belly and score with a sharp knife.
Pat dry with kitchen paper and then rub salt into the skin, then rub with a little veg oil.
Place some peeled and roughly chopped carrots and onions into a roasting tray with a litre of water and place the pork belly on top.
Pop into a preheated oven (220 degrees) for 15 minutes before turning down the heat to 170 degrees. Check on the pork after an hour and add the of wine for making gravy. Cook for a further hour or until you can easily pull away the meat from the side.
Remove from the oven place the pork on a plate to rest.
Add the rice flour to the roasting tray and mash the vegetables.
Add water until you have reach the desired consistency of the gravy and simmer for 10 minutes to cook out the rice flour before straining. Serve with your favourite sides and the pickled plums.