Razor clams with D’Nujotto


Serves 4 (starter)


1 roll of fresh razor clams (1kg)
100g D’Nujotto (Italian spreading salami)
200ml white wine
20g flat leaf parsley


Rinse the razor clams really well in cold water. Place a large saucepan with a tight fitting lid on the stove and get it quite hot before adding the cleaned razor clams and the white wine, place the lid on top and leave for 30/40 seconds.

Remove from the heat and drain, allow the clams to cool before removing them from their shells, keeping the cooking wine. You will see a solid piece of meat coming out from the main body where it goes black cut this piece of meat off and cut into three equal lengths and discard the rest of the flesh.

Lay the shells out flat on a grill tray and pop the pieces of meat back in the shells In a small sauce pan heat the D’Nujotto gently with the sieved white wine from the blanching process until it becomes loose and the oils are released.

Spoon the D’Nujotto over the clams and place under a hot grill for a minute being careful not to over heat the fragile shells, when hot sprinkle with the chopped parsley and serve.

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