Sandball at Watergate Bay 27th July

Beach handball, or Sandball, is a fast paced, small sided game that rewards showboating. Showboating? Yep, if a team scores a goal that is deemed to be impressive or extravagant, then they win two points instead of one. The same goes if the goalkeeper scores.

The team handball game of today was formed by the end of the 19th century in northern Europe and now we are bringing it to Cornwall! On Saturday 27th July there will be a handball tournament held at Watergate Bay beach, from 1pm – 6pm. So if you are Cornish, get a team together and give it a go! Local teams only.

Teams of 6-8 are preferred although only 4 team members will be playing at any one time. Your extra team mates are there as subs as it is a fast paced game where anything can happen! Team members must be aged 16 or over.


Rules of the game.

Players are allowed 3 steps in possession of the ball before passing, shooting, or bouncing (won’t get you far on the beach).

Thats the basic format of the game, other rules can be picked up by playing – so get involved!

There are no draws in Sandball, even at the end of each half. If it ends 1-1 a penalty shootout decides the overall winner.

Check out this video to see how the professionals do it!

On the day.

Please arrive at, or before, 12.30. Ready for a 1pm start. Newquay Handball Club will run through the rules, give demonstrations and a short exhibition game. Then the Sandball commences!

Register your team here.

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