Stargazy Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

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Caramel, Cornish sea salt and gorse flower rum warmed through with your choice of hot chocolate, makes a thick and indulgent drink ideal for colder winter nights. 

You can make your own frothed milk at home without dedicated equipment, you can use an electric whisk, a blender, even a cafetiere/french press (8-10 quick pumps).

Stargazy Hot Chocolate Rum


1 scoop chocolate powder
25ml Stagazy Cosmic Caramel rum liqueur
150ml hot frothed milk
Chocolate powder to finish


Served in thermal glass or mug

  1. Add one scoop of hot chocolate to 150ml of milk.
  2. Heat with a milk frother, or warm through on the hob and mix with an electric whisk until you have a layer of foam.
  3. Pour 25ml rum into a mug or thermal glass.
  4. Top with the chocolate milk with a dollop of foam.
  5. Garnish with a dusting of chocolate powder if you like.
Stargazy Hot Chocolate Sprinkle


Stargazy pie is a Cornish dish from the fishing village of Mousehole. Rumour has it that one stormy December in the 16th century, local fisherman, Tom Bamcock saved the village from starving by courageously taking to the wild seas. He turned his catch into an enormous pie, large enough to feed the whole village. To celebrate his bravery, Stargazy pie with pilchard heads poking out the top so they appear to be gazing skyward is now a famous traditional Cornish dish. The night sky illustrations of the locally produced Stargazy Cosmic Caramel rum liqueur give a nod to the legend.

Stargazy Hot Chocolate