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How Surfers Against Sewage are helping us all head back to the beach the right way…

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Beach Guide

Whether you live near the coast or have a journey to get there, the gradual lifting of lockdown restrictions means the sea air, rhythm of the waves and open skies no longer feel so out of reach.

Recent research by environmental charity Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) shows the beach is one of the places we’ve missed the most. Its 2020 #GenerationSea Blueprint Survey, completed by over 3,300 people, reveals that out of all of the natural spaces, the vast majority of people are most looking forward to a trip to the beach as lockdown eases. And more than half said the ocean is the most missed environment.

But as recent news stories report an increase in rubbish at beauty spots nationwide, and until the Covid-19 pandemic is eradicated, it’s vital we enjoy our reunion with the ocean in a responsible way.

SAS has just launched The Socially-Responsible Beach Guide to help you keep yourselves safe, protect emergency services and do what you can to restore the ocean environment we all hold so dear.

“We have all been missing the Ocean during lockdown and are excited to have the sand beneath our toes again,” says Amy Slack, Head of Campaigns & Policy at SAS. “As we head back to the beach we must do so in a socially responsible way, enjoying our natural environment whist staying safe and respecting those around us. Our Socially Responsible Beach Guide provides some helpful ways to do just that. The watery world is so important to our mental and physical health and wellbeing, we must make sure we can enjoy, respect and protect it.”

Download your copy below, and head to the SAS website to find out more about their vital work – and donate if you can.