Swim Clinic at Watergate Bay Hotel

Due to the success of last years Swim Clinic we recently hosted our second event with Swim Lab over the weekend of 29 & 30 March.


The two day clinic with Salim Ahmed, a professional swim coach from Swim Lab, was designed specifically to allow guests to understand more about their swimming style. The weekend combined land sessions on the importance of streamlining, body alignment and ‘hydro-statics’, with sessions in the pool and video analysis. Front crawl was the focus, but the clinic was developed according to the specific requirements of those in the group.

Our next Swim Clinic weekend is taking place over the weekend of 21-23 November. If you would like to book your place please call our reservations team on 01637 861295.

We caught up with journalist, Lucy Fry, who came along to the clinic, to see how she got on.


Lucy Fry – Guest Blogger

”Salim’s Swim Clinic was exactly what I needed. Firstly, it gave me an excuse to go to Cornwall for the weekend, a county where, despite having travelled quite a bit during my thirty years (or so) of life, I had never actually been. Secondly, my attitude towards swimming needed to change, and fast (even faster than my stroke technique). I have a number of triathlons approaching this summer and the swimming had become a bit of a block. But one weekend, three one-hour pool-based swimming lessons and two one-hour coffee-inclusive presentations later, and I emerged… a far more confident, intelligent and enthusiastic freestyle swimmer.

Obviously there’s more still to learn – and to go on learning, I hope, for the rest of my life – but I really felt I’d broken through something this weekend, thanks in part to the restful atmosphere of Watergate Bay (and its beautiful beach-facing indoor pool) and also to Salim’s relaxed coaching style. His own passion for swimming just shines through in the way he teaches, encouraging others to make the best of what they’ve currently got (in terms of fitness levels and ability) as well as to understand the next stage for them as a swimmer, and how to arrive there, all in good time… I noticed a difference in every member of our group (seven in total, and all at different levels), each with our individual ‘ah-ha’ moments, and each with our own frustrations, that Salim gently coaxed us to regard as part of a wider reflection of our natures… irritations and mental blockages, which, if we wanted to, we could change for our betterment, via swimming, a sport that I began to suspect might be the antidote to my stressful, contemporary (and computerised) urban existence.”


Lucy Fry is a London-based freelance writer with a fitness habit! She writes for a broad variety of publications including Guardian, Mail on Sunday, Easy Jet Traveller and Outdoor Fitness. She’s set herself the challenge of a few Triathlons this year so is currently training (vaguely…) for those.

The next Swim Clinic will take part from 21-23 November 2014.

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