Swim Clinic round up

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On the weekend of Saturday 30 November to Sunday 1 December Watergate Bay Hotel hosted its first Swim Clinic with Swim Lab with the aim to help our guests improve their swimming. The format of the two night break was designed to offer a few simple techniques and pointers which could really help to develop swimming from a recreational interest to a way of staying fit, healthy and avoiding injury. Swimming is one of the few sports that works all the muscle groups with low impact exercise, it’s perfect for toning the body as well as providing cardiovascular training.

The sun was out and the view from the 25m pool was even more stunning than usual. The first day started with a delicious healthy breakfast, a smoothy to refresh and energise while Salim Ahmed from Swim Lab, and professional swim coach of 25 years, took the swimmers through the principles of aqua-dynamics and hydro statics.


Focus for the weekend

The focus of the weekend was on front crawl, as it’s the most effective and efficient for toning and strength, whilst still incorporating a tailored approach for each swimmer. Salim’s principle is that irrespective of their ability everyone can benefit from analysis to identify small improvements and tweaks which can add up and make all the difference to the stroke. Swim clinic was designed specifically to be a bespoke experience, taking guests through the key elements of stroke whilst learning positioning, breathing and overall technique, enabling guests to swim faster and longer with less effort and improve their overall swimming confidence.


The weekend was divided into two sessions of land and pool time, with under and over water video analysis. Swim Yoga was also provided by Louisa Burtwell, an open water swimmer and Women’s University team captain. The swimmers took to the pool three times over the weekend for private tuition aside from the hotel guests but could also have one-to-one sessions with Salim during the usual hotel sessions and individual stroke surgery in The Living Space.

Swim Clinic gave the swimmers pointers and tips which improved their swimming immediately as well as areas to focus on during their own training. Everyone agreed the weekend was a success.

“It doesn’t matter what level of skill or fitness you have, or whether you are training for Iron Man, triathlon, open water swimming or general pool fitness, Swim Clinic works for everyone. Each pre-swim briefing with Salim was great: useful and to the point. Salim as a coach is clear and concise, he was very positive. I came away with a clear idea of how to continue to improve my stroke and how to progress my fitness through swimming. The yoga was a nice extra. I am looking forward to the next Swim Clinic!”

A testimonial from one of the Swim Clinic guests.

Check out all of the action from Swim Clinic in these videos.