Swim Clinic – tried and tested #GetfitWGB

Emma Pate decided to take the plunge with professional swim coach Salim on one of our Swim Clinic weekends. In this guest blog she tells us about overcoming nerves and making future swimming plans.

Emma Pate now plans to complete an open water swim in Cornwall.

“I’ve always considered myself a good swimmer but I often felt frustrated that I was exhausted after a few lengths of front crawl. Working with young apprentices at Duchy College I made the decision that it was time that I also learnt something new.

I had been aware of Swim Clinic for a while but had concerns that I wouldn’t be able to keep pace with the rest of the group and that the swims would be set at too high a level. But instructor Salim ensured that we all worked to a pace that was right for our group.



I need not have been worried. As an expert in his field Salim is able to teach at any level. In a relatively short time I learnt techniques which made a huge difference to my swimming style and the way I swam. My newly learnt techniques also helped me to improved stamina.

Aside from the indoor 25m infinity pool overlooking the ocean, our coaching time in the sea was truly invigorating – two stunning locations to to develop my newly learnt skills. The team at the extreme academy who helped us to fit our wetsuits were also real professionals.

All in all, the experience was simply brilliant I hope to attend another Swim Clinic in the future. My next step is to complete an open water swim here in Cornwall with some of the group who were also attended the clinic – not bad for someone who not that long ago was unable to to swim a few lengths of the pool!”

Join us on our next Swim Clinic on 6-8 March or 24-26 April.

For more details or to make a booking, please visit our website or contact our reservation team on 01637 861 295

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