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Do The Bay

SUP spotters’ guide

The still blue waters, secluded coves and craggy outcrops along from the Bay host an ecosystem full of surprises – best spotted standing a few feet above the surface on a standup paddleboard.

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Sup Safari
The Bay

Sand art at Watergate Bay

Intercity trains bursting out of tunnels, castles and a giant gorilla. Intricate spirals stretching across the sand to the sea. A giant galloping polo horse. This is sand art at Watergate Bay.

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The Bay

Heading north

Join Will and former beach ranger Tim Uff for a walk along the beach. Wide open spaces, solitude, teeming with wildlife: Watergate Bay’s far north end promises rich rewards for those who make the mile trek.

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Things to do in Cornwall

Step from the hotel straight onto the coastal path, hire a bike and explore some incredible landscapes. Walks through forgotten gardens and stepping stones for giants, there's plenty to do around Watergate and further afield. 

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Look up!

The long nights ahead are perfect for star and planet gazing, and you don’t (always) have to stay up so late. What might you see staring up into the darkness in the next month or two?

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Meteor Shower

Shooting stars

Aaron Jenkin makes his living from long nights gazing at the stars. He tells us about everything from adjusting your eyes to the darkness, to the elation of watching the Milky Way reflected in the water…

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Watergate Bay Landscape © Aaron Jenkin

Any way the wind blows

Invisible, changeable and unconquerable, the wind is a mighty force. It can destroy, but also offers immense power – for energy, freedom, and even food.

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Wind Farm

Natural talent - Hannah Bailey, illustrator

Hannah Bailey’s vibrant, textured images have graced the pages of many magazines and children’s books. She put down her pencils for a few minutes to talk looking closer, loosening up and “avoiding jelly blubbers”…

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Hannah Bailey Illustration

Watergate Bay summer drive-in cinema

If this is the summer of drive-in cinema, what better setting for a series of cult classics than on the clifftops above Watergate Bay? 24 July to 6 September 2020

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Introducing Emily Scott Food

Emily Scott Food first appeared in the Bay as a pop-up restaurant in July 2020. Emily will now become a permanent fixture at the Bay, taking over the space previously home to Watchful Mary. We asked Emily to introduce herself and share the ethos behind her food, and to give a taste of the ‘hyper-local’ treats you can expect…

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Emily Scott Food Watergate Bay