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The Bay

A guide to our coastal tides

The tides can completely transform a landscape in a matter of hours, as vast expanses of sand are hidden beneath the waves. Find out what creates the tide and how to keep safe in them.

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SUP spotters’ guide

The still blue waters, secluded coves and craggy outcrops along from the Bay host an ecosystem full of surprises – best spotted standing a few feet above the surface on a standup paddleboard.

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Sup Safari
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We should all be surfers

How to get surfing – a beginner’s guide to everything you need to know, from choosing a board to falling off to not ‘dropping in’… and always having fun.

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Surfers Against Sewage beach guide

How Surfers Against Sewage are helping us all head back to the beach the right way. Follow their guide on how to be responsible and sustainable.

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The Socially Responsible Beach Guide Social 1 660X660
The Bay

Wave pictures - An interview with Sean Pertwee

25 years after the release of the British surfing classic Blue Juice, we caught up with actor Sean Pertwee about his breakthrough role as a Cornish surfer – talking big waves, learning to surf like a pro, why he’s still in love with Cornwall more than a quarter of a century later, and how it felt to see the film projected on a big screen at Watergate Bay.

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Rip Curl Grom Search

Half of International GromSearch winners are on the World Surf Tour… who will be next one? Rip Curl’s search to find the best under-16 surfers on Saturday 30 August and Sunday 1 September. Relocated to Great Western Beach, Newquay.

Carl Coombes Carl Coombes
03 September 2019
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