Ten things you didn’t know Shop on the Beach sold

Anyone that’s ever been to Watergate Bay knows that it’s not your standard beach. Similarly, Shop on the Beach, located on the slipway down to Watergate Bay, is so much more than a shop on a beach or a surf shop.


Visitors to the Bay and the hotel may already be familiar with Shop on the Beach, located at the bottom of the slipway, but there’s a lot going on behind the doors than you might realise.

Yes they’ve got buckets and spades (lots of them), they’ve got wetsuits, bodyboards and kites – pretty much anything you can think of when it comes to life on the beach. But in times of trouble – forgotten toothbrush, wet socks and missing swim suits – you don’t have to leave the Watergate Bay to get your essentials.

Here are ten handy things you didn’t know Shop on the Beach sold:

1. Swimming costumes, trunks and goggles

Whether doing laps in the hotel pool in Swim Club, or battling the waves in the sea, there has always been one time or another that we’ve forgotten our cossie or goggles. Shop on the Beach sell a selection of swim suits from a range of brands including O’Neill, Zoggs and Joules.

2. Playing cards

It’s not a holiday without playing a ‘friendly game’ of cards with friends and family. Who are we kidding – we mean ‘competitive’ game of cards.

3. Waterproof phone cases

It’s hard not to take pictures of Watergate Bay – just look at the stunning view. But one false move and plop. We’re not afraid to admit we’ve lost a couple of phones to rock pools and the sea at Watergate Bay. Never again thanks to waterproof phone cases.

4. Toothbrushes and toothpaste

Always the last thing to pack. Always the first thing that’s forgotten. If you’ve left your toothbrush and toothpaste at home by the bathroom sink, then look no further.

5. Dog toys

Keep your four-legged friends your best friends on holiday, with a new dog toy.

6. Coffee makers

Calling all coffee-lovers. An AeroPress makes espresso-machine standard coffee but is light and portable. Handy for getting your caffeine hit on the beach after a surf.

7. Sunglasses

Sat on your sunglasses again? Get a new pair from a selection at Shop on the Beach, including Bloc, Stone and Ocean Eyewear, providing high levels of protection from the sun.

8. Surfboard racks for cars

Avoid sand, wax and salt-water damage inside your car by transporting your surfboards on top of your roof with surfboard racks. Plus, you’ll be more much mroe comfortable with more room inside the car.

9. Lip balm

It’s easy to forget your lips when you’ve slathered your entire body in suncream. But in or out of the surf your lips are susceptible to the same UV rays. Protect your sensitive lips from the effects of the sun with an SPF lip balm.

10. Socks

Walks on the beach and puddle jumping can end in wet feet. Keep warm and happy with a new pair from Shop on the Beach.

Shop on the Beach is open seven days a week: 10am to 5pm
Phone: 01637 860051
Email: [email protected]

2 thoughts on “Ten things you didn’t know Shop on the Beach sold

  1. Don MacIntyre


    Can you help puchased a little magnet “small dog riding a surf board on a van ” lime green” magnet.

    Want to purchase another as i dropped it. Has sentimental value!

    Is there anyway I can buy another and have it sent



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