The Beach Hut Plymouth 75

A simple cocktail from The Beach Hut that’s packed full of punch and panache. It takes just three ingredients to get the New Year’s dinner party started with this bubbly cocktail. Perfect for a fuss-free New Year’s dinner party.



Makes one


12.5ml Plymouth gin

12.5ml Elderflower syrup or good cordial

Top with prosecco

A whole lemon

A whole orange


Using a zester with a small grater for creating very thin strips of fruit peel, peel a 15cm strip of lemon and a 15 cm strip of orange. Wrap the strips together around a straw and leave under a weight for a minute or two.

Gently pour the Plymouth gin, and elderflower syrup into a champagne flute.

Top with prosecco.

Remove the lemon and orange strips from around the straw and use to garnish the glass.


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