The GoPro bodyboarding challenge

Mini barrels, wipeouts and… moon walking? Here’s what happened when we challenged the Extreme Academy team to film their bodyboard session out in the water at Watergate Bay.

Josh bodyboarding

Bodyboarders or ‘spongers’ often get a bad rep from surfers. But at Watergate Bay and The Extreme Academy we couldn’t disagree more.

Whatever wave-riding instrument you use, the thrill of the wave is what it’s all about. That’s why we introduced bodyboarding to The Extreme Academy menu back in April – and it’s been hugely popular since then.

The challenge

The judges were looking for the best bodyboard footage from instructors in a number of different categories, based on the judging criteria of speed, power and flow. The prize? A breakfast at a Watergate Bay establishment of their choice, with the runner up receiving the ‘bacon butty’ prize, as paid for by the Extreme Academy manager Carl.

The judge’s decision is final.

Best barrel

Josh won for his video barrel, and Nick for capturing his barrel in video and this shot:

Nick bodyboarding

Best facial expression award

It’ll be a few months at least before Pete lives this facial expression down:

Pete bodyboarding

Worst wipeout

Josh takes a tumble:

Comedy gold

Al (Jackson) wins hands down with his moonwalk:

Most creativity

Al gets gets creative with this 360 degree view of Watergate Bay:

Instructor having the most fun

Just look at his face:

Al and Josh win the Extreme GoPro Bodyboarding Challenge

Overall ‘big breakfast’ winner

Al for effort, comedy and creativity. Well done.

The ‘bacon butty’ prize

Josh, for a great video barrel.

Learn to bodyboard with Extreme Academy, based on the slipway down to Watergate Bay.

2 thoughts on “The GoPro bodyboarding challenge

  1. sue

    Brilliant! Thank you so much for posting these, it’s made the bay seem a little closer and brought a huge smile to my face while I’m sat in my office 🙂

    1. sarah Post author

      We’re so pleased to hear this Sue. We have to admit that Al’s moonwalk made us all chuckle and brightened our day! You’ll have to give bodyboarding a go next time you’re here.


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