The hotel’s new restaurant


Our dining room is getting some serious attention this winter. We’re giving it a complete makeover – a new name, a new look and a new menu. It’s very exciting!

Leather banquettes, zinc tabletops, oak and tiled chevron floors, and an open kitchen will set the tone. The interior style nods to a classic French brasserie and the space is distinctive and contemporary. There’s no place for formality here. Rather, the restaurant will provide a social, relaxed dining experience. The space will have energy and the people in it – the chefs, the waiting staff and diners alike – a camaraderie around food.


Executive Chef Neil Haydock will use traditional cooking techniques, and influences from around the world to create dishes like steak tartare, duck and beet salad, grilled lobster and Côte de Boeuf. Simple cuts of meat will be cooked in a charcoal oven, drawing out a real intensity of flavour and the menu, changing regularly, will reflect the seasons.


The restaurant will serve guests staying at the hotel. But its atmosphere, always warm and convivial, along with the quality of its food will look to attract diners far and wide in search of something special.

Due to open in mid-March.

12 thoughts on “The hotel’s new restaurant

  1. Rachel Ellis

    Hi there, looks like another fantastic asset for the hotel 🙂

    Would you consider a plant-based dish or two on the menu? Not just to cater for us fussy vegans but also because a plant-based option makes an invaluable contribution to sustainability and ecologically responsible living (less livestock, less animal feed, less transport, less slaughter…)

    A RAW plant-based option would be a major coup 😉

    Thanks for your consideration
    A loyal customer

  2. Elaine Sharp

    Loved our stay at Watergate Bay but the restaurant felt completely at odds with the rest of the modern relaxed hotel.

    Look forward to seeing the updated dining room.

  3. Paula Green

    Visited the hotel every year for the last ten years and watched it develop. Love the Hotel and the atmosphere. Only one drawback! We have a little dog with us so we are only allowed to eat in the living space with her ( shame really because she is always so tired after her day on the beach she just falls asleep under the table – would love to go in the restaurant). The last two years the menu in the summer is always the same and a little limited in the living space. Could do with a little more choice available or even the restaurant menu available in the living space in the evenings.

  4. nigel

    I’ve been staying at the hotel for several years now and especially over the past two years the standard of cooking has been top notch and I certainly preferred my dinner in the hotel to that taken at 15. I’m afraid the ‘new look’ restaurant fills me with dread….it looks like a 1990s modernist styled London restaurant trying to be trendy and to my mind out of place in a comfortable and still quite traditional hotel. I do hope style isn’t taking precedence over substance.If it does then no doubt there’ll be another makeover within 5 years. I do hope my concerns are proved to be unjustified.

  5. mary b ward

    Love the look of the tables but the chevrons make me feel queasy just looking at them on the computer. Wonderful hotel, it’s time I came back again. Haven’t been for a few years.

  6. David walker

    It looks great the canteen style but that floor is way to jazzy and in your face ….

    Not Relaxing or beach style at all

  7. Rosemary

    Looks amazing but please please ensure you keep some quiet tables for twosomes ..a holiday for us is the opportunity to be together and not sharing tables or space with others, I know some of our friends and family feel the same way. We love the hotel and want to spend many happy hols with you and on our own

  8. Jacqueline Rappaport

    I loved the old restaurant, but not the dark bits at the back, esp during breakfast.
    The new plans look good. I like the chevrons on the floor – are they a reference to the big zigzag windows? We are not coming to Watergate this Feb half term because of the building work, but Feb doesn’t feel the same without a week at Watergate! I am REALLY looking forward to coming to stay next year. Good luck with the refurb xx

  9. TIMA

    We always LOVE our stays at Watergate Bay,the last visit for Taste of the Bay proved this refurb and hopefully new menu is timely,the dining room just did not measure up to fifteen and the living space so well done I think it will complete the beautiful natural space landscape and view….can’t wait to come back and doggies toox

  10. Joachim

    NO formality and little visible hierarchy within your phantastic staff. That’s why we’ll come again every year. Stayed at the Watergate Bay Hotel for the first time in Oct. 13 for one week. Petra (??) & Joachim (55) from the Black Forest walking the SWCoast Path (so far approx. 500 mls). We’ll be back end of March 2014 and we’re really lookng forward experiencing your new restaurant …

  11. Julie

    Love the hotel. The plans for the new restaurant look great and will bring it in line with the Living Space. Found the old restaurant a bit pokey at the back and too formal in both style and menu. We’re local and last time we wanted to eat there, only a fixed menu was available. This is too restrictive as we very rarely want to eat a full 3 courses whereas an a la carte option would be ideal. If not we’ll just have to tough it out in the Living Space -it’s a hard life !


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