The Kernow Sausage Company visit The Beach Hut

What better way to start the week than with a sausage making workshop from the best in the business?

To celebrate Farmhouse Breakfast Week, several foodies gathered in The Beach Hut bright and early on Monday morning to try their hand at making homemade sausages, all under the watchful eye of Gavin Roberts from the Kernow Sausage Company.


After watching Gavin butcher a pork shoulder, he then split everyone into four groups and gave us all pre-prepared minced pork meat. What was even lovelier about it was that all the pork was 100% Cornish and Gavin only used the prime meat. His philosophy is that nothing goes into their sausages that you wouldn’t want to eat on it’s own.


After seasoning are meat with a variety of herbs and spices, it was time for one brave member of each group to put it through the filling machine, which isn’t as easy as it looks!


The next step was to tie the sausages into neat strings and sit down to breakfast knowing we’d deserved it!


Gavin’s philosophy on breakfast is that it’s a time for family and friends to sit around a big table with the people they love most – that’s what starts a good day.

We think the same – you can enjoy a Cornish Farmhouse breakfast in our Beach Hut 7 seven days a week.

10am-11:30am Monday-Friday

9am-11am Saturday-Sunday

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