Thundercat World Championships at Watergate Bay


Thundercat racers from around the globe will be competing for the title of world champion at Watergate Bay From Monday 7th to Wednesday 9th October.

Extreme Academy will be hosting the biggest international Thundercat Racing World Championships to date with Elite racers from 12 countries including UK, Canada, South Africa, Russia, Germany, Sweden and Norway competing.


With a 50 horse power engine and lightweight inflatable hull, Thundercats can reach speeds of up to 65mph and boats can sometimes jump up to 15ft into the air. With all the races taking place just metres from the shore, spectators can easily watch all of the action.

New for this year, a tracking system attached to the boats will allow fans to follow their country’s progress throughout the competition from the Thundercat website.


Ones to watch: Team Kamikaze from Norway. The brother and sister duo currently hold the world speed record at 68mph. Blink and you’ll miss them! They have never before won the World Championships, will this be their year?


We caught up with event organiser and Thundercat crew member James, read our interview with him here.

The event is free to attend and there will be a lifeguard service on the beach who will be create a designated area in the water for bathers and surfers. The lifeguards will determine when the sea will be safe to enter during the competition, this is likely to be when the tide drops in the afternoon. The Extreme Academy will be open for hire and lessons each afternoon. 

Photography by Mick Ladner.

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