To France, and our new Champagne house

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Some of the team recently flew to the capital of France’s Champagne region for a behind-the-scenes tour of Champagne Jacquart, the hotel’s new and exclusive Champagne house.

“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel,” said the philosopher Socrates. But what if you’re a restaurant manager and you're supposed to be learning about and tasting Champagne?

That was exactly the case when our three restaurant managers – Andrea (The Living Space), Matt (Zacry’s) and Laura (The Beach Hut) – were invited alongside hotel general manager Mark to Champagne Jacquart in Reims, France.


While Jacquart is firmly rooted in the land of Champagne, it is a young house in terms of Champagne history, established in 1962. But being young has its advantages. Thanks to its 1,800 winegrowers, this forward-thinking modern house is growing vines sustainably – quite innovative for the industry – and creating Champagne with a contemporary flair.

During their three days in France the team were lucky enough to be given a tour of the vineyards and winery where the grapes are pressed, the cellars and where the sparkling joie de vivre is eventually bottled and corked, all before tasting the wines in Hotel de Brimont, the headquarters of Jacquart situatued along the prestigious boulevard Lundy surrounded by other well known Champagne houses.

The highlight of the trip was meeting Floriane Eznack, the young head winemaker at Jacquart, who really imparted her passion for the fizz onto the team. Mark, Andrea, Matt and Laura now hope to pass their learnings and enthusiasm on to their waiting teams alongside Jacquart ambassador Dianne in special training sessions back at the hotel.

On the wine list

Jacquart Brut Mosaïque is our house pour, cultivated by winemakers from 60 villages throughout the Champagne area. “A very moreish, fresh and easy drink,” says Andrea.

The Jacquart Rosé Mosaïque – the Brut Mosaïque – in pink has red-berry aromas with a fresh and full flavour. Best drunk at all times of the day!

We also serve the Jacquart Blanc de Blancs Vintage, unique in that it is made with 100% Chardonanay grapes. Goes well with seafood and fish.