Top five Cornish food bloggers

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It’s no secret that we love food at Watergate Bay, we take pride in the food served in our hotel restaurants, the Living Space and Zacry's and at The Beach Hut, and support local suppliers throughout. We especially enjoy sharing our recipes with you as do our five favourite foodie bloggers from Cornwall.

Each of these bloggers travels the county in search of the best restaurants, recipes and flavours to put them all in one place for you as a one-stop-shop online cookery book/foodie guide to Cornwall.

1. Saffron Bunny, Rachel Wilson-Couch

Rachel Wilson-Couch is a writer and freelance journalist. She regards Cornwall and Italy as her true loves and after living in Sicily for three years (and finding it very hard to come back) she now lives in Devoran near Truro and loves it.

2. Jam and Clotted Cream, Beth Sachs

Cornish born and bred, Beth Sachs states ‘’Food and drink are a huge part of my life. Creating (and eating) good food for my family is what I take pleasure in’’.

3. Pasties and Cream, Cornwall Blog, Ismay Atkins:

Written by freelance writer and editor, Ismay Atkins, about life at the western tip of Cornwall, England, with posts on Cornish food, drink, arts, shops, pubs and design.

4. Beyond the Pasty, Jessica Milln

Behind the Pasty lurks a girl/wife/mother with a long term plan… Jessica Milln intends to explore every nook, cranny and corner and all the nibbled edges of Cornwall’s coast and countryside, to look beyond the pasty and discover what’s new and what other Cornish classics are out there.

5. Foodies South West

Focussing on food and restaurants from around the South West region on England including Devon, Somerset and of course Cornwall!