Top reasons to start swimming again this summer

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to fly? In these top reasons to start swimming again this summer, our Swim Clinic swim instructor Salim reminds us that water is only thicker than air…

Swim Clinic at Watergate Bay

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to fly? Well, when you push off from the side of the pool for the first time this summer, with your hands above your head and your feet pointed together like Superman or Superwoman, remember. You practically can.

Here Salim, a professional swim coach from Swim Lab who teaches our weekend Swim Clinic courses, shares his top three reasons to jump in the pool.


1. It exercises all the muscle groups

Physical toning – Forget all that nonsense from Protein World. If you want an activity that safelytones all the major muscle groups in your body, then swimming is it. Excecuted well, you can tone up naturally, minimising any risk of injury or strain. It’s a totally non-weight baring sport. Fantastic for joints.

2. Circulation and heart

Aim for as little as 20 minutes of continuous movement, and you have an awesome workout for your heart and general circulation. At SwimLab we aim to make that 20 minutes of movement look and feel great. You’ll know when you reach that point as your stroke becomes effortless and you glide through the water without thinking too much about it. I call it the “sveltness” of your movement (I know i’m inventing this word) and the energy to never want to stop swimming!

3. Mind games

The rhythm of breathing whilst swimming has a fabulously calming effect on your mind. The benefits of a regulated metronome-like breathing pattern has a similar effect as yoga. That combined with being immersed in the element of life (water) gives you a feeling of sanctuary, comfort, calm, and quiet solitude. When you take that first dip under the surface, you markedly switch off from the world and all of its distractions on our time and attention. It can be unbelievably liberating!

Our next Swim Clinic is happening on Friday 18 – Sunday 20 September. For more details or to make a booking, please contact our reservation team on 01637 861 295.

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