The UK’s best surf breaks

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There’s no doubt The Extreme Academy team are complete surfaholics. We tore them away from the waves at Watergate Bay to ask them about their other top surf spots in the UK.

Surf breaks are tricky things. Ask any surfer and it’s likely that they’ve had their best and worst surfs on the same break! But when all the conditions are right, there are some spots like no others…


Nick: “Growing up in Dorset, this was my local break. My granny’s ashes are scattered here, so it holds really special feelings for me. It’s a truly great wave but is horribly inconsistent.”

Praa Sands

Al: “Cornwall’s south coast doesn’t produce as consistent waves as the north coast, but when it does, it’s on. Praa Sands is one of these spots. I used to holiday at there when I was younger so it also brings back great memories of catching my first green waves.”


Nick: “For pure sheer beauty, Gwenver takes some beating. It picks up a lot of swell that will get you in the twilight zone (in the tube).”



Carl: “The windy roads to north Devon are worth it if you get to Croyde on a good day. On a good swell at low to mid tide you’ll find fast, hollow, peeling waves. I’ve had lots of fun on a waveski here. Sensational.”

Watergate Bay

Josh: “I’ve just got back from travelling around Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia, and I still think Watergate is world class on its day. Catch North beach in the right conditions at mid to high tide, you’ll find super hollow waves with plenty of barrels. Plus, it’s my home break, so it’ll always be one my favourites.”

Surfer at Watergate.jpg

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