Venison burger with plum chutney

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The Beach Hut favors a good burger always loaded with cheese, chutney, sauces and salad, with a side of fries. We’ve taken our favourite and changed the recipe to suit the season. Venison is leaner than beef so can be a called an healthier option. But we would always suggest adding cheese to balance the burger.


Serves six

For the burger
900g chilled minced venison
180g chilled beef suet
Olive oil
6 good quality burger buns

For the chipotle plum chutney
400g plums, de-stoned
50g onions, diced
50g apples, peeled, de-seeded and chopped
30g dried whole chipotle chillies
100ml cider vinegar
100g soft brown sugar



1. Combine the minced venison and beef suet in a bowl, mixing thoroughly and seasoning to taste.

2. Take a small amount and fry in a pan to test the seasoning. If you need to do add more.

3. Divide the mixture into six balls and press into burgers. Do not overwork the meat while mixing or else the burger will have a rubbery texture.

4. Brush with oil and fry the patties on a medium heat until reached the desired amount of cooking (rare/ medium/ well done).

5. In a heavy bottom saucepan bring the cider vinegar and sugar to the boil.

6. Add all the remaining ingredients and cook on a medium heat until thick and glossy.

Place in the blender and bend into a fine puree.

Store in sterilised jam jars until ready to use.

Load your buns with burger, cheese, chipotle, plum chutney and anything else you wish.

A chipotle is a smoke-dried jalapeño. It is a chili used primarily in Mexican and Mexican-inspired cuisines. Varieties of jalapeño vary in size and heat.