Warm water vs cold water surfing

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The age old debate rages on. Extreme Academy sponsored rider Harry Timson and Gul sponsored rider Mark Harris tell us how it is – and being local cold water surfers, they should know.


Harry Timson

Warm water surfing

Extreme Academy’s sponsored surfer Harry Timson counts Watergate Bay as his local break and has spent many a day down at the Bay learning the tricks of his trade. He managed to squeeze in a surf or two around Cornwall and came in for a chat before jetting off to warmer climes.

“It’s a lot easier to progress and become more consistent in your surfing when you’re in warmer water,” says Harry.

“Your body is looser. You don’t have to wear a thick wetsuit that – although beneficial in keeping you warm – can sometimes feel restrictive. And you don’t have to worry about your muscles ceasing up and getting cold.

“Most of the world’s top surfers go to places like Indonesia and Australia to train in the warmer climates. I love surfing at home, but warm water definitely plays a huge role in the progression of your surfing.

“Hopefully after three months of training, I’ll be ready for the European summer and the contents I hope to enter and win.”


Mark 'Egor' Harris

Cold water surfing

Born and raised in Newquay, Mark ‘Egor’ Harris has also had his fair share of warm waves, but of late is more likely to be found ripping up the Cornish coast in between looking after his two young children. Mark is currently training with a local coach on surfing-specific exercises to be as fit as possible for the English National Surfing Championships being held at Watergate Bay on 2/3/4 May.

“For me, cold water surfing is about more than just being fit. It’s dedication and motivation all rolled into one.

“Surfing is a great workout that really improved you fitness, but it can really help to blow off steam too.

“You always feel rejuvenated afterwards a good surf when you’ve been enjoying riding wave. And in cold water, this is even more so!”

Maybe there’s a time and place for both cold and warm water surfing. Until then, we’re making the most of our beautiful coast on our doorstep and heading out for some cold Cornish waves.