Water’Cake Bake Off For Comic Relief

On Friday 1st March all our attentions turned to cake! We’d been baking all week, the cooking gloves were off and it was time for the Water’cake’ Bake Off, a slight twist on Mary Berry’s Great Comic Relief Bake Off, with all the money raised going to Comic Relief.

It was a great success, we had over 21 cakes entered and raised £200 for Comic Relief.

Once all the cakes were assembled in the hotel’s dining room, judging began  with three judges that are serious about cake. Head Chef Neil Haydock, and Emma Pate and Ellie Michell, both members of the Clandestine Cake Club.


Working their way through 21 cakes took some time, eventually crowning Nicki’s chocolate & Guinness cup cakes the winner.

Once judging was over our cakes were opened up to our guests and staff  for a donation to Comic Relief.

Go to Facebook to choose your favourite. ‘Like’ the picture of the cake and we will post the winning recipe later in the week.




And, more cakes!

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