Watergate Bay poem, by Jack Rooke & the Poetry Takeaway

We feel extremely lucky to have stumbled across the Poetry Takeaway on a trip to London recently. Here’s what creative evil-genius Jack Rooke whipped up for us as part of the world’s first mobile poetry emporium.

The Poetry Takeaway

All ears for a very cool and inspiring piece of mobile theatre. The Poetry Takeaway is the self-proclaimed world’s first purpose built mobile poetry emporium. It does exactly what it says on its converted burger van.

How it works: 1. Queue up to speak to one of the fully trained Poetry Chefs. 2. Your allocated Poetry Chef will discuss your order with you in order to ascertain its style and content. 3. Your Poetry Chef will retire to the kitchen to cook up your bespoke order. 4. Within ten minutes or less, your Poetry Chef will return and perform your poem to you.

As featured in Time Out, BBC Radio Four and on BBC 6 Music, the takeaway is modelled on your typical burger van and manned by a rotating cast of the UK’s best poetry chefs. Like our chef, Jack Rooke, stand up poet, comedian and presenter.

After a brief chat about Watergate Bay, here’s what he whipped for us in next to no time at all. We don’t think we could’ve captured the essence of Watergate Bay better ourselves.

The Poetry Takeaway

Watergate Bay poem

On a two-mile stretch of golden sand

that changes each day and is never bland,

there’s a hotel that many would call a home,

with children playing outside

paddling in the sea foam.

It’s a haven to make you smile and grin,

whether you’re a veteran booking or a new guest virgin.

It’s a community, a 250-person family,

from chefs to those teach how to surf in the sea,

it’s a new nostalgic twist,

a chance to escape and get a little sun kissed.

But if it’s raining, you can still savour the day,

just explore all the magic at Watergate Bay


3 thoughts on “Watergate Bay poem, by Jack Rooke & the Poetry Takeaway

  1. Mr William George Govan

    Oh Watergate Bay I wish we were there,
    Sand in our toes and sun on our hair.
    We long for the taste of sea and great food,
    Red, white or rose, depends on your mood.
    Jamies or Zacry’s whatever the name,
    The best food in Cornwall, for that is your aim.
    With staff in great clothing and a beautiful bay,
    There is no need searching, it’s the best place to stay.
    Perhaps if we’re lucky we’ll see you next year,
    From wet, windy Yorkshire, be glad you’re not here.

    1. sarah Post author

      That’s brilliant William! Thank you for sharing it with us. You may have just started something here… From sunny yet cool Watergate Bay

  2. sarah Post author

    We were delighted receive this fantastic poem from nine-year-old Adnan and his teacher Mrs Reid. He and his fellow year five class students were inspired by the poems of W.B Yeats and Robert Burns to write about a place that they love. Adnan’s was easy – it had to be Watergate Bay! His family have been coming here on holiday for a week every Summer for the past three years and we just had to share this with you.

    Watergate Bay

    My heart is in the foamy breakers, rolling into Watergate Bay
    A paradise for surfers, riding the waves everyday!
    Endless stretch of turquoise ocean,
    Glistening gracefully with a smooth motion.
    Bobbing boards galore, of every colour and size
    Eyeing for that wave- a perfect prize.

    My heart is in the towering cliffs, guarding Watergate Bay
    Slotted in several angles are rocks of slate grey!
    A meandering path up high, between fields and sea,
    Picturesque views surround, while sipping cream tea.
    The rush of salty breeze dancing in my hair,
    Seagulls with outstretched wings circling in midair.

    My heart is in the silky sand, carpeting Watergate Bay
    Miles of rippling dips and bumps, I would say!
    Filled with footprints, soft and shallow,
    When dusk comes, it sets the beach aglow.
    Neoprene wetsuits hugging their bodies,
    All come to enjoy a host of hobbies.

    My heart is always in Watergate Bay
    If you ever visit, you’d say ‘What a great bay!’


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