Welcoming the winter

We are a quarter of the way through November and it feels like winter; the nights are dark and the temperatures have dropped. What we need is a good old knees up, and that’s exactly what we got at The Beach Hut Friday 8 November when we all ‘Welcomed the Winter’.

Walk through the door and the first thing you notice is the tables are gone and in their place are hay bales and lots of smiley faces.


The next thing you see is a line-up of amazing drinks on the specials board.

From hot apple cider, to spiced mulled wine and a rather delicious Extreme Alexander, packing an ‘extreme’ twist on the brandy classic (minus the cream).


I went for the Extreme Alexander, and it didn’t disappoint. The blend of cold hot chocolate and brandy worked perfectly and warmed me through.


As The Beach Hut started to fill the food was ready. We all headed outdoors to where Chef Haydock was BBQing Kernow Sausage Company sausages and burgers, and serving them with corn on the cob, coleslaw, rice and pulled pork.

The food in takeout boxes so we could eat either on our hay bale listening to the beautiful songs by Debbie Kate, the first of two live music acts, or outside beside the bonfire.


After wolfing down our winter BBQ food accompanied by a few more drinks, we headed outside to watch the fire dancer.

She was brilliant, although we couldn’t quite comprehend how she performed bare foot?!


During dessert of parkin and pumpkin marshmallows we listened to Joe Hurworth, who performed sing-a-long classics such as Wanna Be Like You from The Jungle Book.

After some dad dancing and a lot of singing we headed outside to play with sparklers. Who doesn’t love a sparkler or two?!




We were then left to mingle and ‘Welcome the Winter’ until last orders.

This was a great night held at The Beach Hut, we can’t wait until next year to welcome the winter of 2014! And for the time being you can check out the other Beach Hut events here.

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