Why outdoor fitness training at Watergate bay is a perfect tonic for mind and body.

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An overflowing to-do list, relentless rushing. Sometimes day-to-day life can stack up against us. The team behind Mountain Beach Fitness Retreats have designed a beach-side antidote...

Beach Fitness Cornwall Breaks

Health is about the way we live, think and feel. Your body is a vehicle for experiencing life so the greater your physical condition the better you will experience ‘living’. Exercise is the panacea that seems to protect both physical and emotional wellness.

Working out in nature is the ultimate antidote to modern life.

Even a 15 min walk in the woods can induce noticeable changes to our physiology. Spend a long weekend immersed in the Atlantic elements and you really will feel the difference...

Beach Fitness Cornwall Stretching

What can you expect from the weekend?

Barefoot beach runs

Running barefoot on sand allows your feet to move through their natural range of motion, which helps to strengthen your feet and ankles. Beach running—especially on dry, loose sand, uses much less impact force and in addition, strengthens your arches, ankles and other below-the-knee muscles more than running on harder surfaces. Numerous studies have found that running on sand consumes up to 30% more energy than running on asphalt. It requires you to generate more force and works through a fuller range of motion, from your ankles to your hip flexors and arms.

Forget dumbbells and repetitive isolated muscle movements in the gym. The structured training provided by Mountain Beach, wakes up and challenges your body in a functional and primal way. Beach circuits, intermittent sand sprints and progressive whole body training methods will allow you to connect to the elements at and reap all the benefits. Your mind and body will thank you for this.

Sea air

The Victorian’s knew about the healing sea air. As early as the 1700s, doctors were prescribing trips to the shore or stays at “bathing hospitals” for ailments ranging from depression to tuberculosis. Not only is the sea air is almost completely free from exhaust fumes and soot particles. The climate by the sea is especially curative to the respiratory organs and the skin. In addition, it improves circulation and strengthens the body’s defences.

Sea air contains tiny droplets of seawater enriched with salt, iodine, magnesium and trace elements.. Magnesium depletes the stress response allowing you to take a hiatus from urban life and restore your mind to a new level. Sea air is also charged with healthy negative ions that accelerate our ability to absorb oxygen. Negative ions also balance levels of serotonin, so a few nights sleep after a long day outdoors propel you to new levels of positivity, enhanced energy and overall well-being.

Beach Fitness Cornwall Training

Sea swimming

Hippocrates first used the word “thalassotherapy” to describe the healing effects of seawater. The Ancient Greeks appreciated the health benefits of this mineral-rich water, and bathed and soaked in seawater-filled pools and hot tubs.

In addition to enhancing your mood, a swim in the sea can help increase your immune system function, reduce asthma and allergies, reduce inflammation, restore essential minerals, improve circulation, hydrate your skin and most importantly. promote overall well-being. Scientists also claim that bathing in salt water can increase the elasticity of the skin and improve its outer appearance. Great news for keeping the wrinkles at bay...

The Mountain Beach girls will assist the brave. Even going waist deep is a fantastic way to reduce inflammation after a hard circuit session.


Not only do the South West coastal paths provide breathtaking scenery for trail running; the path from Watergate Bay, up to Bedruthen steps, provide undulating terrain to ensure you get your body working.

We have already mentioned how trails provide less impact and prevent injury, but there are a host of other benefits to be gained. Trails change your running gait, getting you up on your toes and shortening your stride, enhancing your balance. Trail running and walking helps to activate and condition the ancillary muscle groups, this provides stabilization in our legs and core and allows us to take the load off the main muscle groups used for forward motion. This again helps prevent injury but also enhances an effective running movement.

Beach Fitness Cornwall Coast Trails

Cliff top guided hiking

The wonderful bays to the north of Watergate Bay Hotel can be explored on foot, avoiding crowds and allowing access in low tides to secluded beaches.

Active recovery is an integral part of any training program. Hiking on the stunning cliff path, coupled with assisted stretching from the Mountain Beach Team is a fantastic way to experience this. Not only does it help you recover, it aids muscle memory. It builds your aerobic system and therefore muscle endurance.

Of course you have time for the spa too.

Beach Fitness Cornwall Watergate Bay

Come and join Mountain Beach Fitness Retreats on the wild Atlantic coast.

Embrace the elements, feel the sea spray on your face, sand beneath your toes the fresh air in your lungs. Work your body and save your brain while you train.