Wildberry Iced Tea

The Wildberry Iced Tea is new to The Beach Hut cocktail list this summer, and it’s a very welcome addition. Perfect for a hot summer’s day, the Wildberry Iced Tea is refreshing, colourful and full of flavour.

With or without alcohol this is a winning cocktail!


Makes 1


1 wildberry teabag (we use clipper)
50ml vodka
50ml cranberry juice
1/4 fresh lime, squeezed
4-5 fresh mint leaves
Dash of soda water

Glass: tall


Add the vodka, cranberry, lime juice and teabag into a shaker with a few cubes of ice.

Stir or swirl the mixture, don’t shake, else the tea bag will split and you’ll have tea leaves in your drink.

In a tall glass layer ice and mint leaves and strain your iced tea over it.

Top up with soda and garnish with a sprig of mint.


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