Winter berry Martini, from The Beach Hut

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Look to The Beach Hut’s comforting (yet refreshing) cocktail to keep you cosy through the cold months.

When it comes to cocktails, fruity concoctions are always a crowd-pleaser. So here is our wintery version of the berry martini from The Beach Hut.

Winter berry Martini, from The Beach Hut.jpg


Serves one
25ml Bombay Sapphire
25ml Martini Rosso
12.5ml crème de cassis
½ lime juiced
Splash of sugar syrup
10 frozen winter berries
50ml cranberry juice


1. In a chilled Martini glass, pour in the crème de cassis, then the gin and the martini together.

2. Then add some crushed ice and berries in layers before slowly adding the cranberry and lime juice.

3. Don’t forget that Sunday Brunch is back at The Beach Hut from Sunday 1 November, or join us for coffee, drinks and food at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Winter berry Martini, from The Beach Hut2.jpg