The world’s best surf breaks

When the guys at The Extreme Academy aren’t surf instructing, they’re surfing at Watergate Bay. And when they’re not surfing Watergate, they’re surfing the UK’s other best breaks. And when they’re not surfing the UK’s other best breaks… you’ll find them surfing around the world!

Here’s the world’s best surf breaks, according to The Extreme Academy.

Graveyards, New Zealand

© Dave Young via Flickr

Josh: “I just returned from New Zealand and fell in love with the Taranaki area near New Plymouth. My last surf was near a place called Graveyards at 4-6f clean – we had 200m-long right-hand waves with only two other people out and the backdrop of snow-covered mount Taranaki to ourselves.”

Safi, Morocco

© Eelke via Flickr

Nick: “This right-hand point break is the most intense wave I’ve ever ridden. I’ve only surfed it a few times during my last trip this winter. But wow.”

Northern Track, Fuerteventura

Northern Track Feuterventura
© fvanrenterghem via Flckr

Al: “The Northern Track which runs along the coast from Corralejo passes some world-class spots. It can get windy but on its day it’s great. This is where I surfed my first ever reef break, so it’s always memorable. I remember seeing everyone wearing boots and thinking it was a little strange in the warm water. Once I got out and walked back over the reef cutting my feet up, I realised why!”

Nahoon Reef, South Africa

© webmarcos via Flckr

Carl: “I completed in the Wave Ski world titles here back in the day – I’ve never had fast, hollow peeling waves like it. It’s a reef bottom and it’s also really sharky which is quite intimidating. You almost forget about it when you’re out in the surf, but not quite!”

Lobitos, Peru

© surftideuk via Flckr

Nick: “Lobitos is a mad place in sandwiched between the desert and old colonial oil stations out to sea. It’s one of the best left-hand breaks in the world, with plenty of barrels to be had. The Andean culture is incredible, although the coast there can be grotty.”

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