Zacry’s strawberry cheesecake


Serves 6


100g shortbread biscuits, either home made or good shop bought
Strawberry jelly made to pack instructions and cubed
80g fresh strawberries
Basil leaves for decoration
Balsamic vinegar for dressing

Strawberry gel
200g strawberries
200g caster sugar
2g agar agar

Lemon mascarpone
100g cream cheese
20ml double cream
50g mascarpone
2 lemons zested


Quarter the strawberries and blitz the shortbread in a blender to form a fine crumb.

Strawberry Gel
Boil the strawberries and sugar together until all the sugar has dissolved.
Then, add the agar agar, cook for a further 5 minutes and cool in a tray until set.
Once cool blend until a smooth gel consistency is reached.

Lemon mascarpone
Mix the cream cheese, mascarpone and double cream together with an electric hand whisk and then fold in the lemon zest.

To assemble
Zacry’s strawberry cheesecake is a de-constructed version but you can assemble it however you like.

Place a tablespoon of shortbread into the centre of the plate and scatter with jelly cubes.
On top of the shortbread place a quenelle of lemon mascarpone.
Using a piping bag, pipe the strawberry gel evenly across the dish.
Add a handful of strawberries and garnish with a few basil leaves and balsamic vinegar.

* The photograph shows a line of jelly on the plate rather than jelly cubes.



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