Yoga in the sea view studio or yoga on the beach?

Hatha style Yoga

Clear your mind and regain your focus. Led by experienced teachers, this reflective yoga style encourages the release of tight muscles, energising the whole body. Classes include breath work (pranayama), posture (asana) and mindfulness (dharana). Build strength and increase your flexibility. Classes are suitable for all abilities and available for hotel guests aged 18+.

Thursday 4  - 9am
Saturday 6 - 9.30am
Tuesday 9  - 9am
Wednesday 17 - 8am
Thursday 25  - 9am
Friday 26  - 10am

Classes are 60 minutes, £15 per person.

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Yoga on the beach

Wavehunters at the Extreme Academy is a new partnership with the innovative north Cornwall surf and marine company, Wavehunters.

As well as surf lessons they are offering beach fitness and beach yoga sessions. Their classes range from high tempo intervals, cardio and resistance, through to rewarding and revitalising yoga and core.

Classes are 60 minutes, £15 per person.

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