The Living Space menus

We always use fresh ingredients that are local whenever we can and our menu changes with the seasons.

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Ciabatta, olive oil and aged balsamic £5.00

Italian olives – 150g jar £5.00
We have tasted them all (well nearly) and think these are the best.

Soup £7.00
Changes daily – see blackboard. served with a rustic baguette and butter.

Portobello mushroom chips £6.50
Parmesan and garlic mayo.

Piri piri fried squid £8.00
Cucumber, chilli with a cumin & lime dressing.

Living Space longboard £17.00
Ideal as a main course for one or shared as a starter for two. cured meats, cheese, houmous, italian olives, roasted vegetables, and chillies. served with grilled flat bread. 
and for the Veggie board, lots more veggie things!


Gado gado
Indonesian salad of green beans, salad potatoes, leaves, white radish, cucumber, carrot, chilli, egg, prawn crackers and peanut sauce.
With chicken or crispy prawns £15.00
With miso ginger mushrooms £14.00

Korean spiced salad £14.50
Crisp asian salad with gochujang sesame dressing.
Sticky prawn or crispy duck.

Roasted heritage carrot salad and sweet potato falafel £12.00
Heritage carrots, coconut yoghurt tzatziki, almond and sesame duqqa.

Buddha bowl £12.00
Quinoa, sweet potato, avocado, crispy kale, cauliflower, edamame beans and tahini sesame, maple, dressing.


Classic LS burger £11.00
Cured pork and beef patty, brioche bun, gem lettuce, beer and grain mustard onions, cornish jack cheese, beef mayo and fries.

Grilled halloumi burger £10.50
Greek halloumi malted ciabatta, beetroot and tamarind relish, rocket, cashew nut aioli and fries.

LSFC £10.50
Fried chicken, banana ketchup, slaw, gem lettuce, brioche bun and fries.

LS fish taco £14.00
Soft corn tortilla, fried market fish, sweet pea mole, zesty salad and lime and garlic aioli.

LS fish and chips £14.00
Beer battered market fish with WB ketchup, tartare sauce and lemon. see board for today’s fish.

Asian ramen £16.00
Miso broth and noodles, pork belly, Japanese fish cake, pak choi, egg and pickled daikon.
Make it veggie £13.00

Steak and fries £22.00
Sirloin steak – served with fries, onion rings and a choice of flavoured butters:
Blue cheese & caramelised shallot / mushroom butter /
paris butter (anchovies, garlic, capers and parsley)


Deli focaccia £9.50
Spinach, peppers, artichokes and mozzarella with basil pesto.

Fishes fingers £11.50
Breaded fillets of cod, lashings of tartare sauce on soft white and fries.

Louisiana po boy £10.50
Soft flour bun, crisp red prawns, remoulade, hot sauce and old bay seasoning.

Vietnamese bahn mi £10.50
Asian-style pork meatballs, mango slaw and spiced cashew cream.

Chicken shawarma flatbread £10.50
Marinated and grilled chicken, tomato, cucumber, and herb salad with guindilla chillies.


Fries £2.50
Buttered Cornish potatoes £2.50
Seasonal vegetables – see board £2.50
Rocket & Parmesan £4.00
Green beans & buttered shallots £3.50
Stonebaked baguette with salted butter £2.50
LS mixed salad £3.00


This menu is ideal for children under eight.

Houmous with cucumber and carrot sticks £4.00

Carrot roll – fillings: 1 £2.80 / 2 £3.80 / 3 £4.80
Soft white roll made with carrot juice filled with cheese, ham or houmous.

Grilled or fried free range chicken £6.50

Fish fingers £7.50

Grilled or battered fish of the day £6.50

LS cheeseburger – cured pork and beef patty £6.50

All served with new potatoes or fries with a choice of baked beans, peas or seasonal vegetables.

Mezzi rigatoni pasta £5.00
Pasta hoops with Parmesan and a choice of sauces: tomato, butter or Bolognese.


Selection of Treleavens ice cream, frozen yoghurt or sorbet – scoops: 1 – £2 / 2 – £3.50 / 3 – £5

Peach and mango Alaska £5.00
Peach and mango ice-cream sandwich with caramelised meringue.

Pear and apple crumble £6.50
Pear and apple, buttery crumble topping and Cornish clotted cream.

Tarakan chocolate mousse £6.50
Rich chocolate mousse, raspberries and coulis.

All puddings are available for kids at half price


Two scones £5.00
With Rodda’s clotted cream and strawberry jam.

A selection of cakes is also available from the bar.

Food allergies and intolerances: Before you order your food please speak to one of the team if you want to know about our ingredients.


Champagne Jacquart Brut Mosaïque NV, Reims, France
Lovely and fresh with spiced bread and fruit flavours
£10.00 125ml | £55.00 Bottle

Champagne Jacquart Brut Mosaïque Rosé NV, Reims, France
Delicate bubbles with full and fine finish
£65.00 Bottle

Champagne Jacquart  Blanc de Blancs 2009,  Reims, France
Lively, fresh and light with an elegant and long finish
£80.00 Bottle

Ruggeri Prosecco, Italy
Defined and elegant from a top family producer.
£7.50 125ml | £35.00 Bottle

Ruggeri Brut di Pinot Nero Rosé, Italy
Intense ripe cranberry fruit with a beautiful crisp finish.
£8.00 125ml | £38.00 Bottle

Camel Valley Brut, Cornwall, England
Fresh and fruity with a touch of honey.
£9.50 125ml | £45.00 Bottle

Camel Valley Pinot Noir Rosé Brut, Cornwall, England
Pale with a delicate taste of wild-strawberries.
£55.00 Bottle

Knightor Classic Cuvee Brut NV, Cornwall, England
Elegant and fine with light floral aromas and a fresh, crisp finish.
£47.00 Bottle


Urlar, Organic Sauvignon Blanc, Wairarapa New Zealand
Typical New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc with gooseberry, passionfruit and notes of bell pepper.
£8.50 175ml | £12.00 250ml | £35.00 Bottle

Monrouby Chardonnay IGP, Côtes de Thau, Languedoc, France
A delightfully clean and unoaked Chardonnay from the South of France.
A great texture with fresh citrus notes on the finish.
£6.50 175ml | £9.25 250ml | £27.50 Bottle

Oliver Tricon Chablis, Burgundy, France
Crisp and refreshing, with citrus tones and mineral finish.
£8.75 175ml | £12.50 250ml | £36.50 Bottle

Eidosela Albariño, Rias Baixas, Galicia, Spain
A powerful fresh, fruity and floral Albariño. Silky smooth with fragrant peach and apricot notes.
£8.50 175ml | £12.00 250ml | £35.00 Bottle

De Gras Viognier, Chile
Exotically aromatic Viognier from a prime Chilean region.
£6.00 175ml | £8.50 250ml | £24.00 Bottle

Paparuda Pinot Grigio, Romania
A lively example of Pinot Grigio with fresh apple and luscious honey notes.
£5.00 175ml | £7.00 250ml | £20.50 Bottle

Domaine Franck Millet Sancerre, Loire Valley, France
Flinty, fresh and herbaceous with a lovely minerally quality.
£9.00 175ml | £12.75 250ml | £37.50 Bottle

Ken Forrester Petit Chenin Blanc, Stellenbosch, South Africa
Young and fresh, with pear drop and crunchy green apple notes.
£6.00 175ml | £8.50 250ml | £24.00 Bottle

Enchanted Garden Riesling, Dandelion Vineyards, Eden Valley, Australia
Intensely fresh and zesty with a clear minerality, this bone dry Riesling has great structure and length.
£37.50 Bottle

Lomer Lois Grüner Veltliner, Kamptal, Austria
Light and super refreshing with juicy green apple flavours, hints of herbs and white pepper spice.
£35.00 Bottle

Livio Felluga ‘Sharis’, Colli Orientali, Italy
Delightfully elegant and well balanced, the Sharis (Ribolla and Chardonnay grapes) is floral
and aromatic with zesty lemon, white cherry and yellow plum flavours.
£45.00 Bottle


Provence Rosé Houchart, Provence, France
A classic rosé with uplifting acidity and lots of red fruit flavours.
£7.75 175ml | £11.00 250ml | £33.00 Bottle

Sandhill Crane White Zinfandel, California
Slightly sweet in style and very refreshing. It has fresh fruit characters of raspberries, strawberries and ripe apples.
£5.50 175ml | £8.00 250ml | £23.50 Bottle

Terre di Monteforte Pinot Grigio Rosato, Veneto, Italy
Dry and intense with lingering strawberry hints on the finish. So good anytime of the year.
£6.25 175ml | £8.75 250ml | £25.50 Bottle

Camel Valley Rosé, Cornwall, England
Just off dry, intense strawberry notes.
£35.00 Bottle


Paparuda Pinot Noir, Romania
A fragrant and fruity Pinot Noir. Fresh, light and soft with plenty of strawberry and raspberry fruit notes.
£5.00 175ml | £7.00 250ml | £20.50 Bottle

Arjona, Rioja, Spain
A stylish unoaked rioja. Good clear colour. Ripe Fruity flavours.
£6.25 175ml | £8.75 250ml | £25.50 Bottle

14 Hands Cabernet Sauvignon, Washington State, USA
Dark stone fruit flavours with a touch of cocoa  fine, this Cabernet has fine, velvety tannins.
£7.50 175ml | £10.50 250ml | £30.00 Bottle

La Cavea Merlot-Pinot Nero, Veneto, Italy
Velvety, round and full bodied with intense red berry fruit.
£5.25 175ml | £7.25 250ml | £21.50 Bottle

Smart Dog Syrah, Alentejo, Portugal
Wonderfully rich flavoured and full bodied with spice and dark fruits.
£6.75 175ml | £9.75 250ml | £29.50 Bottle

Vina Falernia, Carmenere, Elqui Valley, Chile
a deliciously rich wine from this cool-climate region of chile.
chocolate and vanilla notes.
£6.50 175ml | £9.00 250ml | £26.00 Bottle

Altos Las Hormigas Malbec Clasico, Mendoza, Argentina
Light and silky with delicate tannins.  Plum fruit, dried herbs and sweet spice flavours
linger on the finish.
£8.25 175ml | £12.00 250ml | £35.50 Bottle

Strandveld First Sighting Shiraz, Elim, South Africa
Elegant with red berry scented fruit, notes of  mocha, hints of spice and soft lingering tannins.
£8.25 175ml | £12.00 250ml | £35.50 Bottle

Heartland Dolcetto and Lagrein, Langhorne Creek, South Australia
Blackberry, wild herbs and earthy flavours, finishing with sweet red cherry and hints of spice.
£9.25 175ml | £13.00 250ml | £37.50 Bottle

Laudun Côtes du Rhône villages, France
A light, minerally style with soft cherry and strawberry notes.
£7.00 175ml | £9.85 250ml | £29.50 Bottle

Plantaganet ‘Omrah’ Pinot Noir, Great Southern, Western Australia
Supple and smooth with lashings of sweet cherry and raspberry fruit, hints of spice and subtle vanilla oak.
£9.25 175ml | £13.50 250ml | £39.00 Bottle

Castello di Luzzano Vena Rossa, Emilia-Romagna, Italy
Super concentrated with an explosion of cherry raspberry and violets, this wine is a stunning balance of the powerful Barbera and the soft and perfumed Bonarda.
£40.00 Bottle

Fontodi Chianti Classico, Tuscany, Italy
A beautiful example of this classic wine. Rounded and sweet with notes of dark red cherry, spice and hints of tobacco. Silky, succulent and inviting.
£55.00 Bottle


Gonzalez Byass Noe Pedro Ximenez, Spain 37.5cl
One of the sweetest wines in the world! Fig and raisin with wonderful and rich, dark toffee and mocha flavours!
£8.75 100ml | £40.00 Bottle

Montes Alpha Late Harvest Gewürtztraminer, Colchagua, Chile 37.5cl
Aromatic and honeyed with a rich and luscious sweetness, beautifully balanced by a refreshing zestiness.
£8.50 100ml | £30.00 Bottle

All of our wines by the glass are available in 125ml measure.

35mls of Gin served with tonic water, the perfect garnish and in a fishbowl glass

Tarquin’s – Cornish Gin £8.50
Made by Tarquin not too far from Watergate
Tasting: Floral, citrusy and very moreish
Garnished with a chunk of pink grapefruit and edible flowers

Old English Gin £7.50
(World’s best gin 2015)
Made from a 1783 recipe, distilling eleven botanicals in the oldest pot still being used in England today. Slightly sweeter in style (sometimes known as Old Tom) it’s a wonderful gin in a class of its own.
Tasting: Sweet and refreshing
Garnished with a slice of lemon

The Botanis £8.50
A heady harvest of 22 local botanicals foraged from the windswept hills, peat bogs and Atlantic shores of the Hebridean island of Islay.
Tasting: So complex, expect a starbust of flavours
Garnished with lemon peel and thyme

Gin Mare – Mediterranean Gin £8.50
Crafted in Barcelona, a beautiful gin to be enjoyed by the sea
Tasting: Unique flavours of the Mediterranean, herby and aromatic with notes of citrus, olives, thyme, rosemary and basil
Garnished with basil and a sprig of rosemary

Aviation American Gin £8.50
A partnership between distiller and bar tender
Tasting: Lush and spicy this shows floral savoury notes of lavender and cardamom
Garnished with a dash of Maraschino Liqueur, lemon peel and lime wedge

Brockmans £8.50
Unique and intriguing
Tasting: Gingery orange, blueberry and blackberry
Garnished with orange peel and blueberries

Sacred Pink Grapefruit £8.50
From the Sacred craft distillery in Highgate, this gin is made using every last bit of the grapefruit, from the flesh, peel and even the pips!
Tasting: Vibrant grapefruit and citrus
Garnished with a slice of pink grapefruit and twist of lime peel

Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin £11.50
Uniting the exoticness of India and the purity of the black forest. distilled from 47 unusual botanicals such as lingon berries, honeysuckle, kaffir lime and lemongrass. the list goes on…
Tasting: Zingy citrus, a hint of sweetness, slightly bitter,
this gin has it all!
Garnished with a kaffir lime leaf

Dorothy Parker American Gin £9.50
Dorothy Parker – An iconic enthusiast of gin.  New York Distilling Company produces a blend of traditional and contemporary botanicals including juniper and elderberries, citrus, cinnamon, and hibiscus
Tasting: Typically ginny with hints of citrus
Garnished with lemon peel, juniper berries and Franklin & Sons Tonic

Death’s Door Gin £9.00
Takes its name from the body of water that sank many ships, which lies between Door County peninsula and Washington Island. Simple botanicals include juniper berries that grow wild on Washington Island with coriander and fennel sourced also from within the state
Tasting: Spicy and citrusy with a soft and cooling finish
Garnished with mint and Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic

Silent Pool £10.25
Silent Pool is the mythical spring-fed pool in the Surrey Hills from which the water is used. Produced with 24 unique botanicals including honey, lavender and chamomile
Tasting: Fresh, citrusy and sweet
Garnished with an edible flower and Double Dutch Pomegranate & Basil Tonic

Audemus Pink Peppercorn Gin £10.50
Produced in Cognac, France, an entirely unique, intense and aromatic gin
Tasting: Vanilla, tonka bean and patisserie with a warm and spicy finish
Garnished with Pink grapefruit peel and Double Dutch Watermelon & Cucumber Tonic

Buss 509 White Rain Gin £11.75
A top shelf Belgian gin experience for ‘ginthusiasts’.
Tasting: Fresh, herbaceous and spicy
Garnished with lemon peel and Franklin & Sons Tonic

Fifty Pounds Gin £9.00
Named after The 1736 Gin Act, when a 50 pounds tax was levied on those wishing to produce and sell and gin.
Tasting: Citrus, mint and eucalyptus  
Garnished with mint, a slice of lemon and Franklin & Sons Tonic


Apple and Vanilla Mojito £9.75
Rumbullion spiced rum, vanilla syrup, mint, lime and crushed ice topped with cloudy apple juice.

Mandarin and Yuzu Margarita £12.75
Cazcabel Tequila Blanco shaken with Chase Elderflower Liqueur, Yuzu Juice (Yuzu is a Japanese
Citrus Fruit), Mandarin Puree, grapefruit juice and a dash of lime.

LS Espresso Martini £10.00
Curio Cornish Cocoa Nib Vodka shaken with Mr Black Cold Coffee Press Liqueur, a large shot of
Origin Espresso and a splash of sugar.

Cornish 75 £13.25
Tarquins Cornish Gin, lemon juice and Camel Valley Brut sparkling wine.

Diplomatico Reserva Rum Old Fashioned £8.00
Diplomatico Reserva Rum stirred patiently with Cornish honey, Maraschino Cherry Liqueur
and Fee Brother’s Old Fashioned Bitters.

Pear and Rosemary Cooler £9.75
Grey Goose Pear Vodka, Poire William Pear Liqueur, Montes Alpha Late Harvest Gewürztraminer
stirred with Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic.

The Haig Club Man £8.00
Haig ClubMan bourbon cask aged single grain whisky, shaken with ginger liqueur, lime and cloudy apple juice.

Bloody Mary £8.50
Chase Oak Smoked Vodka, Worcester Sauce, Cornish sea salt, cracked black pepper, shaken over ice with tomato juice, Tabasco and a splash of celery bitters. (non-alcoholic version is available for £4.00)

Sloe Gin Bramble £9.75
Sipsmith Sloe Gin stirred with Sipsmith London Dry Gin, blackberries, crème de mure and a dash of lemon juice.

Rhubarb Martini £9.00
Chase Rhubarb Vodka and Chase Marmalade Vodka shaken with a splash of cranberry juice.

Sacred Negroni £11.50
Sacred Rosehip Cup, Sacred Vermouth, Sacred Gin stirred with ice and orange peel.

Passion Fruit Caipirinha £9.50
Abehla organic silver Cachaça stirred with passion fruit, vanilla syrup and lime.

Black Cow White Russian  £9.50
Black Cow Pure Milk Dorset Vodka shaken with Curio Cornish Cocoa Nib Vodka, Kahlua Coffee
Liqueur, Rodda’s Cornish milk and a splash of Rodda’s cream.

Cosmopolitan £9.50
Aval Dor Cornish Vodka, Ketel One Citron Vodka, cranberry, lime and Fee Brothers Orange Bitters