Beach Hut events

The Beach Hut food & music events return to Watergate Bay. Our beach bonfire is back. Great food, banquette seating, live music, entertainment, dancing and the usual Beach Hut vibe.

Beach Hut event nights


Friday 15 February 2019 – Taco Friday – SOLD OUT

A build your own, eat with your hands, pass and share kind of feast. Bring your friends for an explosion of Mexican sounds and flavours. Get stuck into nachos, guacomole, slow-cooked lamb in adobo, fried squid and prawns, jack fruit and squash, all wrapped in corn tortillas and stacked with avocado, adobo, moles and salsas. Roasted pineapple, tequila caramel and lime mascarpone for dessert, all to the upbeat sounds of the visiting mariachi band and a bonfire on the beach. £35 per person.


Friday 26 April 2019 – Poke n’ Bao

Fresh bowls of sticky rice and marinated tuna the Hawaiian way – piled with fried shallots, nori seaweed and pickled ginger. Add white steamed bao dumplings (the smallest bites with the punchiest fillings) and you’ve got Poke n’ Bao – a modern fusion feast. This is bright, tasty, food that belongs beachside, best sampled with a helping of sea air. All with a beach bonfire, seating at long tables and live music. £30 per person.


Friday 28 June 2019 – Lobster Friday

Let The Beach Hut take you on a tour of the lobster; a night to celebrate the king crustacean in all its delectable glory. Over the four course full tasting menu you’ll journey from claw to tail, peaking with our perfectly-seasoned half grilled lobster. With live music and a beach bonfire. £50 per person.


Friday 6 September 2019 – Cracking Crab

Food that requires a hammer and an apron is not to be messed with; and the hardest work reaps the richest rewards. Grab a drink, gather around the fire, and soak up the live music while our chefs demo how to tackle a succulent feast of brown crab, enhanced with herbs and luxurious drawn butters… then dive into a joyfully messy eating experience. £30 per person.


Friday 22 November 2019 – Vegan Night

As veganism sweeps the globe one oatmilk latte at a time, more and more of us are embracing exciting plant-based options. And vegan indulgence doesn’t have to be an oxymoron. Forget holier-than-thou sprouts and grains; our night promises a devilish taste explosion, alongside a crackling beach bonfire and live music. £30 per person


A vegetarian option is available at all Beach Hut event nights and we are able to cater for allergies, please let us know if you require either of these options upon booking.

Food and entertainment inclusive.

We can not accept dogs during our event nights.