Sample menu


Chough Bakery bread  -  white and granary with salted butter £2.50
Mixed olives £2.50
Escabeche of white anchovies £3.00


Fried calamari  -  semolina crust, sweet tamarind dipping sauce £7.00
Harissa houmous  -  grilled flat bread £6.00
Potted smoked mackerel paté  -  pickled red onion, rocket and toast £6.50
Beetroot, sweet potato and pumpkin bhaji  -  cucumber and lemon raita £6.50
Cornish crab soup  -  rouille, gruyère and croutons £7.50


Beach Hut classic burger £10.50
100% Prime Cornish beef, swiss cheese, tomato relish, garlic mayo, salad and fries

Pulled pork sandwich £10.50
Slow cooked smoked pork belly, melted swiss, Bbq sauce, jalapeños, slaw and fries

Beach hut falafel burger £9.00
Spiced chickpea patties, pickled cucumber, harissa relish and fries

Fried fish sandwich £10.50
Swiss cheese, tartar sauce, tomato, salad and fries

Original Cornish hot dog £10.00
Cornish pork sausage on 6 inch sub, slaw, caramelised onions and fries.
Add BBQ pulled pork £2


Served with fries and a choice of salad or today’s vegetables

Cornish rib eye £19.00
Cornish rump steak  £16.00

Choose an accompaniment for your steak

  • Asian peppercorn sauce
  • Caramelised onions
  • Chimmichuri salsa
    Olive oil, garlic, chilli, marjoram and flat leaf parsley

Lamb koftas  -  preserved lemon quinoa, grilled flat bread, yoghurt and harissa £14.00


Moules marinières  ½kg £8.50 / 1Kg £17.00
White wine, cream, shallots and garlic

Thai mussels ½kg £8.50 / 1Kg £17.00
Lemongrass, chilli, fish sauce, coconut cream

Grilled tiger prawns  -  shell on, chilli and garlic  6 £8.00 / 12 £16.00
Cornish crab cakes  -  brown crab relish £8.50

Fish is on the board

Please check out our blackboard for today’s specials!

What no meat?

Mushroom rigatone  -  cream and herb sauce, truffle oil and Parmesan £12.50
Grilled halloumi  -  roasted veg, salsa verde and rocket £12.50


Vegetables  -  always changing never dull £2.50

Fries £2.50

Sweet potato fries  -  chilli sea salt £3.50

Beach hut mixed salad £2.50
Leaves, tomatoes, carrot, toasted seeds and balsamic dressing

Beach hut slaw £2.50
Red cabbage, golden raisins, onion, carrot and orange zest


Will’s classic crème brûlée £5.00

Beach Hut sundae – available all week!     £7.50
Vanilla ice-cream, apricots, toasted almonds, syrup, Mascarpone vanilla cream and more

Warm chocolate brownie  -  vanilla ice-cream  £5.50

Scoops of Roskilly’s ice-cream  1 £1.70 / 2 £3.40 / 3 £5.00

Three warm vanilla doughnuts  -  lemon curd and mascarpone cream £5.00


This menu is ideal for children under 8

Beach hut burger and fries £6.00
Pasta with butter and Parmesan  £4.00
Fish and chips with peas £5.00

And if you’ve been good

Extreme ice-cream  £4.50
Whipped cream, marshmallows and chocolate

Scoops of roskilly’s ice-cream  1 £1.70 / 2 £3.40

Warm chocolate brownie  -  vanilla ice-cream £3.00

Two warm vanilla doughnuts  -  lemon curd and mascarpone cream £3.00